React + GraphQL with Hasura

This is a collection of resources to help you get productive with building GraphQL backends for your React applications.

An Introduction to GraphQL for React developers

A 2 hour GraphQL course for React developers with videos.


These tutorials will walk you through building different kinds of apps using React, GraphQL and Hasura.
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Image processing app

Building an image processing app with GraphQL and async serverless.
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Chat app

Building a realtime chat app with GraphQL Subscriptions.
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Building Real-Time Charts With GraphQL And Postgres.

Sample apps

Here are a series of sample apps that illustrate how you can use React with GraphQL and Hasura to build a Whatsapp & Uber clone, todo app and much more. We also have boilerplates to help you get started building quickly.

React Frameworks & GraphQL

We have created boilerplates & simple blogposts to get started with your favourite React frameworks.

Community & support

The React community is very active & extremely helpful.
Our events and conferences

Join our events and learn how our users are leveraging GraphQL

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GraphQL asia proposals
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