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The API Platform for enterprise data access

Developers love Hasura because it takes little time to go from data to an API. Architects rely on Hasura because it enables high-performance and secure GraphQL and REST APIs from a single platform. And engineering leaders appreciate Hasura as it empowers developers to deliver rich apps and user experiences in a fraction of the time of traditional approaches.
Instantly provide a GraphQL or REST API on top of your database
Easily connect Hasura to your new or existing databases and start engaging with your users with a secure and scalable API – no more language limitations or complex SQL queries.
Blazing-fast and highly optimized API performance
No more wasted development cycles optimizing queries for bespoke data sources. Maintain the flexibility to optimize and customize only your most high-value queries. Cache common queries to avoid database performance and response latency penalties.
Granular RLS-style authorization ensures secure data access
Eliminate the need for a secondary permissions layer entirely with Hasura’s built-in authorization engine. Expose GraphQL APIs to internal and external developers with authorization rules enforceable to the model level.
Dynamic data federation – join data from anything to anything
Combine multiple data sources into a single GraphQL API endpoint. Reduce client transactions and increase performance by sending multiple queries across any number of data sources to return a single, optimized response to data consumers.

Integrate with core data, security, and application services on AWS

Build new applications or add additional features to existing applications fast.
Migrate and modernize existing applications within a short timeframe.
Replace direct database access with a unified, federated core data service.
Philips Healthcare

How Philips Healthcare accelerated development by up to 4X with Hasura

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Quickly connect API consumers to data hosted in a variety of services in AWS.

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