End-to-end caching

Add caching to existing APIs for faster response times

Hasura has metadata about the data models across data sources, and the authorization rules at the application level. This helps Hasura provide end-to-end caching.

Features include caching authenticated data, caching at the database layer, caching any remote GraphQL API, traditional caching by generating REST APIs, and client-side caching.


Application scalability that’s automatically optimized

Hasura Cloud lets you scale your applications automatically without having to think about the number of instances, cores, memory, thresholds, etc.

You can keep increasing your number of concurrent users and the number of API calls and Hasura Cloud will figure out the optimizations.

Application scalability that’s automatically optimized

More Performance features at a glance

JIT query compiler

Hasura avoids N+1 problems when fetching data from multiple sources. It compiles the best query possible for the fetch to achieve theoretical best performance.

Authorization predicate push-down

Authorization is compiled with data access queries resulting in faster APIs by avoiding multiple trips. Hasura filters the data at source, helping performance and egress cost.

Service-level security

Hasura uses PostgreSQL prepared statements where parsing is skipped and only planning and execution takes place.

JSON aggregations

Hasura avoids the cartesian product problem while fetching data from the underlying system by performing JSON aggregations in the upstream database itself.

2024 Edition

The GraphQL Handbook

A GraphQL handbook for developers and architects to help plan your GraphQL adoption journey.
The GraphQL Handbook

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