7 Things You Can’t Miss at AWS re:Invent

Hasura is back in Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent in a few short weeks, from Nov. 28th to Dec. 2nd. With over 2,000+ sessions, 30+ receptions, and countless other activities happening, we wanted to highlight what Hasura is up to at AWS re:Invent.

Here are 7 things you just can’t miss:

  1. Hasura Challenge at the AWS Jam Lounge: Want to be a GraphQL Rockstar or at least appreciate a few good musical puns? Check out our AWS Jam challenge for building a federated GraphQL API at AWS re:Invent. Come to the Expo to sign up, but then work on the challenges anywhere. If you complete Hasura’s challenge, there are chances to win prizes and swag!
  2. Happy Hour at Mercato Della Pescheria: Join us Tuesday, Nov. 29th, 6 - 8 PM PST, for a night out with our friends Cockroach Labs and Launch Darkly. There will be an open bar, food, a photo booth, and networking. Let us know if you’re joining us.
  3. Dr. Werner Vogels Keynote: Join Dr. Werner Vogels, Amazon.com VP, and CTO, on Thursday, Dec 1st, 8:30 - 10:00 AM PST, as he shows how customers and AWS use novel architectural patterns to build scalable, resilient, and fault-tolerant applications. He highlights innovations and emerging technologies that enable builders to create systems that would have been previously unimaginable and describes how the cloud is at the center of this new era of innovation.
  4. Book a Demo with Hasura: We’d love to show you how Hasura makes teams super productive by cutting out the manual work of creating APIs by giving you instant GraphQL APIs out of the box. You can schedule a 1:1 demo with an Hasura expert here.
  5. Breakout Session - Are you integrating or building distributed applications?: In this session, Wednesday, Nov. 30th, 1:45 PM - 2:45 PM, reflect on two decades of building connected systems, ponder the nuances of messages versus events, learn that loose coupling isn’t always better, and discover how serverless cloud automation can change the way you think about integration.
  6. Workshop - Build an iOS-native app with a cloud-based backend: In this workshop on Thursday, Dec. 1st, 2:45 PM - 4:45 PM PST, you’ll create a data-driven iOS-native app integrated with a cloud-based backend. Learn how to use Amazon Cognito to manage user authentication. Discover how to design a data-first strategy with GraphQL APIs to store data in Amazon DynamoDB.
  7. Chalk Talk - APIs: Critical for data transfer, but how do you keep them secure?: In this chalk talk on Thursday, Dec. 1, 11 - 12 PM, you’ll review best practices for building a resilient architecture specifically for API-driven applications. Explore practical tips for defending against DDoS events and securing APIs with OAuth JWT authentication.

We look forward to seeing you and hope you’ll find time to stop by and meet the Hasura team at our booth (#2251) and see how Hasura’s modern data-access engine can enable your teams to accelerate API and application development. You don’t want to miss the exclusive swag we’re rolling out! *Hint: It might be the cutest swag we’ve ever made!

Safe travels, and see you there!

The Hasura Team

16 Nov, 2022


16 Nov, 2022
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