November 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the November edition of the Hasura Newsletter!

This month we introduced integrations for 2 new databases, CockroachDB and Amazon Athena. Both integrations are available as beta features in Hasura v2.15. You can try them out on Hasura Cloud or give them a spin on self-managed Hasura instances.

Also, support for Snowflake is coming in a few weeks. To be notified about the launch, sign up here.


  • Enterprise GraphQL Conference was this month, where LinkedIn, Optum, and Goldman Sachs gave great talks on how they are tackling enterprise data access and management challenges using GraphQL. Request the sessions on-demand.
  • We launched a new video tutorial series on how to build a full-stack food ordering app with Hasura, Next.js, and Vercel in 20 bite-sized videos! Check it out here.
  • Hasura is heading to AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas. See all the ways you can connect with us in Las Vegas here!

Product Updates

Native database integration for CockroachDB: We are pleased to announce the beta release for CockroachDB datasource on the Hasura GraphQL Engine v2.15. In this beta release, Hasura supports Queries and Mutations with plans to add support for subscriptions before the GA release, which will coincide with the release of CockroachDB v22.2 (tentatively scheduled for early December). Together with Hasura, CockroachDB now supports: Instant GraphQL & REST APIs, Declarative Role Based Authorization, Advanced Security and Performance with rate limiting, allow lists, and caching. Follow these instructions to connect your CockroachDB to Hasura

Hasura GraphQL Data Connector for Amazon Athena: We are excited to release the beta integration for Amazon Athena to Hasura v2.15. This release provides read-only query support for Enterprise and Cloud Enterprise users. For a limited time while in beta, it is also available to standard and free-tier cloud users! Be sure to check it out and let us know what you’d like to see for further Athena or other databases supported.

Two new regions on GCP: Hasura Cloud now supports two new regions, europe-west1 in Belgium and us-east4 in Ashburn, US on GCP.

Enhanced API Security with Batch Limits (Enterprise Edition Only): We have introduced a new batch limit in the API Security section to set the maximum number of operations that can be sent in a batch request. For more information, see the docs here.

Action Response Transforms on Console: Response transformation for Actions has been available in the API. Now you can configure response transforms on the console. See the docs for more details.

GraphQL Type Generator in Actions: While creating a new Action, now you can use a type generator on the Console to easily create GraphQL types from JSON sample requests. See the docs for more details.

Query Parameters are now optional for Actions: We addressed a user problem around defining optional query parameters for rest endpoints. Now, actions and event trigger REST connector query parameters are optional. For more information please see docs here.

ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server: The ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server is now installed. This allows users to provide ODBC Driver 18 connection strings. Because this version has native support for arm64/aarch64, Hasura GraphQL Engine can now connect to an MS SQL Server database when running on macOS with an aarch64 chip (M1 or M2).

Updates to JSON payload transformation templates: Transforming payloads for Actions and Event Triggers in Hasura is achieved using the in-house developed templating language - kriti-lang. In this release, we have updated it to version 0.3.3 with the following changes: 1) Adds elif syntax to if expressions 2) Improved error messaging and error codes, 3) Allow arbitrary expressions as range iterators, 4) Kriti.CustomFunctions.basicFuncMap functions are added to the kriti executable, and 5) KritiError type is added to exports from Kriti.


[Virtual] Enterprise GraphQL Conference - Sessions Available On-Demand

Did you miss the conference last week? Find out how some of the largest enterprises use GraphQL to solve data access challenges. Request the recordings and we’ll send you a link to them once they’re uploaded.

[Virtual] Weekly Demo Series| Every Tuesday @ 10 AM PT or 10 AM CET

Looking to get your Hasura questions answered? Join our weekly demo every Tuesday, alternating at 10 AM PT and 10 AM CET to answer any questions about getting started. We’ll cover deployment options, tracking tables and relationships, enabling access, and trying out APIs. This week’s demo is today, 11/15, at 10 AM PT. Register here to join us.

AWS re:Invent 2022 | Las Vegas | Nov. 28th - Dec. 2nd

Are you heading to Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent? Here’s everything Hasura has happening https://hasura.io/events/reinvent/. Be sure to stop by booth #2251 and say hi!

Hasura User Group Meetup | Hyderabad | Dec. 2nd @ 6:30PM IST

If you are in or around Hyderabad join us for their first meetup on December 2nd.

[Community Call] Hasura’s Final Call of 2022 | Dec. 15th @ 9AM PT

Hasura is wrapping up 2022 in style. At our final Community Call we’ll recap on some exciting features we launched in 2022. Plus some exclusive swag from our recently launched swag store! Register here.

New Content



Community Updates

Community Member of the Month

Hiroaki Karasawa is our community member of the month. Hiroaki is the lead organizer of the Tokyo Hasura User Group and coordinated the very first meetup a few months ago. If you are interested in speaking at one of the future Tokyo HUG meetups or want to attend them, please reach out to him on Twitter.

Hiroaki is an engineering Lead at Dinii inc. He started using Hasura in production in April 2020 and currently focuses on developing multiple client applications with a single Hasura backend. He is especially interested in combing through the GraphQL subscriptions that Hasura generates to optimize them.

Monthly Recommendation

This month's recommendation comes from Raju Sunny, a Technical Account Manager / Solutions Architect at Hasura. He recommends Notion as his go-to tool for productivity because it is a combination of a markdown editor, excel sheets, Kanban boards and a lot more, all integrated with each other. At Hasura, the customer success team uses it extensively for note-taking, task tracking, knowledge management, and data management.

We’re hiring for some exciting roles at Hasura! If you or someone else is interested please send us your resume here. Few of the key roles we are hiring for:

  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineer - Hasura Cloud
  • Senior Data Engineer - Product Analytics
  • Senior Haskell Engineer

Take a look at the rest of our listings here.

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28 Nov, 2022
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