Announcing native database integrations for CockroachDB and Amazon Athena

We are thrilled to announce that Hasura is adding integrations for 2 new databases, CockroachDB and Amazon Athena, with support for Snowflake coming in a few weeks.

Hasura’s mission since the early days has been to accelerate application & API development by radically simplifying the data access and management part of the app dev workflow. By connecting to a new or existing database, data source or service, and instantly auto-generating a GraphQL or REST API on top of it, Hasura shrinks the time required to build APIs, secure access, deploy and scale the app server, and optimize performance from weeks or months to minutes. With the launch of these new integrations, we are expanding that instant GraphQL / REST API magic to more data sources, and helping developers and teams using these databases to build and ship faster.

These new integrations build on existing native integrations with PostgreSQL (including many variants and flavors), BigQuery, and Microsoft SQL Server.

The CockroachDB and Athena integration are available as beta in Hasura v2.15.0. We welcome you to try these out on Hasura Cloud, or give them a spin on self-managed Hasura instances.

This beta release of the Amazon Athena integration is available for Hasura Enterprise Edition (EE) and all Hasura Cloud customers. Once this integration moves to General Availability (GA), it will only be available in Enterprise Edition and Hasura Cloud Enterprise plans. The CockroachDB integration will be available in all Hasura plans.

CockroachDB integration

CockroachDB is a distributed SQL database designed for speed, scale, and resilience. Given the popularity of CockroachDB in powering modern applications, it is no surprise that it was one of the most requested database integrations on the Hasura GitHub repo.

With the new CockroachDB integration in Hasura, existing as well as new users of CockroachDB can instantly generate data APIs – both GraphQL and REST APIs – to enable fast and secure access to their CockroachDB data. We are excited to partner with the Cockroach Labs team on bringing this capability to market. Stay tuned for more collaborative content and sessions with their team.

Connecting CockroachDB on Hasura Console
Connecting CockroachDB on Hasura Console

The Hasura-CockroachDB integration works with CockroachDB version 22.2, which is currently in beta and not available on the CockroachDB managed service yet. We expect this integration to seamlessly work with CockroachDB version 22.2 GA when it launches in the near future.

Visit the deep dive blog to learn more and take this new integration for a spin.

Amazon Athena integration

Amazon Athena is a serverless query service that makes it easy to query and analyze data in Amazon S3 using standard SQL. Hasura integration for Amazon Athena was a request from large enterprises that have standardized on the Amazon ecosystem, and want to create a cleaner and secure federated access layer to their S3 data.

Connecting Athena to Hasura Console
Connecting Athena to Hasura Console

The Athena connector is currently in beta, the auto-generated APIs only supports read-only queries capabilities. We will be adding support for other GraphQL features, such as mutations and subscriptions, in future releases of the connector.

Visit the deep dive blog to learn more and try out this new integration.

Snowflake integration

We are seeing a growing interest in the need for GraphQL / REST APIs on top of data warehouses, as a way to enable API driven, self-service data access for analytical and other workloads in a quick, yet secure and controlled way. Snowflake is a leader in the Cloud Data Warehouse space, and hence no surprise about the inbound interest in Hasura integration to Snowflake.

Just like the Hasura-BigQuery integration that launched earlier this year, this will be primarily powering data access for analytical applications.

The Snowflake integration for Hasura is expected to launch before the end of the year. Sign up here to be notified when it launches, and early access.

Got questions?

We invite you to give both these new connectors a try on Hasura Cloud. Got questions? Have feedback? Join Hasura engineers and community on our Discord or GitHub Discussions.

08 Nov, 2022
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