Announcing Pod42, the Hasura ChatGPT Bot

We are happy to announce the launch of Pod42, a bot that answers questions related to Hasura. It uses the GPT AI model, trained on resources like Hasura’s docs, learn and blog portals.

Note: It’s in alpha, so expect some bugs or issues with answers and the sources it gives.

Getting started with Pod42

The bot has been integrated into our discord server. In case you haven’t joined yet, head over to https://hasura.io/discord to join HasuraHQ discord server.

Once inside the server, head to #pod42-support channel and tag the @Pod42 bot to ask a question. The format for asking a question looks something like:

@Pod42 <question>

// example
@Pod42 What is Hasura?

Testing for fun

Here are some of the answers we have been getting from the bot after training it with our data sources.

Why use Hasura?
Why use Hasura?

A fun attempt by David below:

Another one about read replicas:


The bot is in alpha, which means it might give inaccurate or incomplete answers sometimes. Use the source/s to verify the information, and when in doubt, reach out to help-forum. Also, we're constantly training Pod42 to improve it. If you have any feedback, please let us know. Any feedback is appreciated!

25 Jan, 2023
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