Announcing Vercel Integration with Hasura Cloud

We are happy to announce the Vercel integration with Hasura Cloud letting you connect your Hasura Cloud GraphQL and REST APIs with Vercel projects for a seamless fullstack development experience.

Hasura Vercel Integration
Hasura Vercel Integration

What does the integration help with?

The integration helps you create a new Hasura Cloud project that can be attached to one or more Vercel projects serving as the unified backend for your frontend apps. The Hasura Cloud GraphQL API endpoint and the admin secret is auto populated as environment variables accessible to your frontend project.

At any point of time, the Hasura Cloud project can be mapped to one or more of your Vercel projects. This is useful if you are running multiple environments of your app with the same backend for testing. You can configure the access and scope of projects in the integrations page of your Vercel account.

Environment variables

The admin secret is exposed safely only to the server side of your app through the HASURA_GRAPHQL_ADMIN_SECRET environment variable. This is useful inside the serverless functions that you write with Next.js or other frameworks where you directly interact with the GraphQL API as an admin. The functions need this admin privilege for fetching or inserting some data with elevated privileges.

The API endpoint is exposed on NEXT_PUBLIC_HASURA_PROJECT_ENDPOINT and you can use this on the frontend to construct both the GraphQL and REST API endpoints as necessary.

Try it out

Head over to the Vercel <> Hasura integration on Vercel's integrations marketplace. Click on Add Integration and configure the projects.

How do I know if the integration is setup?

As soon you install the Integration on Hasura Cloud, you should see the right environment variables populated on your Vercel project(s). You can find this by heading to https://vercel.com/<username>/<project-name>/settings/environment-variables.

On Hasura Cloud dashboard, you should see the Vercel tag added to your project.

You can check the list of installed integrations on Vercel here.

Help & Resources

If you are facing any issues with the integration, file a support ticket by navigating to the Help & Support tab on the Hasura Cloud dashboard. Join our discord channel for community support.

Looking to learn more about the integration? We did an episode on The Data & API show featuring Lee Robinson from the Vercel team going over the integration along with Jesse from Hasura.

Jesse also gave a demo at this year's HasuraCon. Do check that out as well.

11 Jul, 2022
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