December 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the final edition of the Hasura Newsletter for 2022!

This month, we introduced the Hasura GraphQL Data Connector for Snowflake, which lets teams build GraphQL and REST APIs on their Snowflake data within minutes. Learn more, and give it a try yourself on Hasura Cloud.

Join us for our Snowflake+Hasura product deep dive on January 11 @ 10 AM PST. Register →


  • We’ve launched the Hasura GraphQL Data Connector for Snowflake! Read our blog or join us on January 11 for a deep dive webinar. Register →
  • The Tokyo Hasura User Group has planned its 2nd meetup on January 19. Register →

Product Updates

  • Snowflake Integration: This month, we released the beta version of the Hasura GraphQL Data Connector for Snowflake! This connector lets you instantly generate read-only GraphQL and REST APIs to your Snowflake data. For more information, check out our blog post on the release.
  • Elastic Connection Pooling on Hasura Cloud: In Hasura Cloud, you can now configure the maximum size of the connection pool for your entire project. Apart from the general performance benefits of using pooled connections, this also ensures that your database remains reliable even during periods of massive load. Read more about this here.
  • Alloy DB: On December 13, 2022, Google Cloud announced the GA release of AlloyDB, with Hasura listed as one of the technology solution launch partners. This ongoing partnership ensures the best experience and support when you use Hasura with AlloyDB. Coming soon in v2.17, AlloyDB will appear as an option under the data sources dropdown in the Hasura UI. When using the AlloyDB data source, Hasura read-only queries leverage the bulk and concurrent read capabilities of AlloyDB, improving performance. For more information, see Google Cloud’s blog on partner solutions for AlloyDB and our guide to getting started with AlloyDB here.
  • Database Connection Latency Checks for Hasura Cloud: You can now proactively identify API performance issues by checking the connection latency of databases connected to your Hasura Cloud projects via the ‘Data Manager’ tab of the Hasura Cloud console. Elevated latency conditions generally occur when databases and projects are in geographically distant regions, so this information can be used to determine if you need to move your Hasura project to another region.


  • [Virtual] Instant GraphQL APIs on Snowflake with Hasura | Jan 11 @ 10 AM PT
    Join this launch webinar with Hasura engineers and product managers to get a deep dive into Hasura’s GraphQL Data Connector for Snowflake. This data connector will let teams build a unified GraphQL API for all their Snowflake data sources within minutes and allows for data to be queried and joined from multiple sources outside of Snowflake. Register here.
  • Hasura User Group Tokyo Meetup | Jan 19 @ 6:45 PM JST
    The Tokyo HUG is back for its second in-person meetup in January. The event will feature two talks along with some snacks and soft drinks. The agenda is being finalized, but you can register for the meetup here.
  • [Community Call] Our first call of 2023 | Jan 26 @ 9 AM PT
    Hasura is kicking off 2023 with some fun! Join Tanmai Gopal, co-founder & CEO, and hear what’s in store for Hasura in the new year. Plus, you could win some exclusive swag from our recently launched swag store! Register here.
  • [Virtual] GraphQL Galaxy | Now Available On-Demand
    If you missed GraphQL Galaxy earlier this month, you catch all the sessions on-demand by signing up for the multipass. Hasura hosted two sessions: Exploring the Data Mesh Powered by GraphQL with Tanmai Gopal and GraphQL Everywhere with Jesse Martin.

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Community Updates

Tooling from the Community
Crudio automatically creates test data. It does virtually everything it takes to get a data platform up and running, so you can quickly prototype, build or demonstrate your system, product, or service. Built by Chris Nurse (vistalert#3519 on Discord), it recently got a bunch of new features, including the ability to create data streams, like IoT weather station data, health monitors, etc. Try it out and chat about the project with Chris on the Hasura Discord.

Monthly Recommendation

This month’s recommendation comes from Praveen Durairaju, a Developer Advocacy Content Manager at Hasura. He recommends StoptheMadness browser extension for Mac users. He likes this extension because it re-enables all the default functions on Mac. The browsing experience has improved multi-fold as there are no more annoying restrictions for contextual menus, enables auto-completion for input fields by default, and much more.

We’re hiring for some exciting roles at Hasura! If you or someone else is interested, please apply. A few of the key roles we are hiring for:

  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineer - Hasura Cloud
  • Senior Product Designer
  • Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) - Hasura Cloud
  • Senior Haskell Engineer

You can apply for these roles and others here.

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21 Dec, 2022
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