Hasura Tips & Tricks Contest

The Harvest Edition

Running from October 1, 2021 -  Nov 30, 2021

Hasura does many things from access control to data federation, and beyond. Teams of all shapes and sizes making apps of all categories and scale are using Hasura to ship products faster.

To capitalize on this wide base of knowledge, we want to see your favorite tips and tricks of working with Hasura. From the simplest shortcut to the most complex input filter the world has ever seen! We want to see them all!

Oh, and there will be prizes.


Yes, there will be stickers…


Everyone’s a winner!

Everyone, EVERYONE, that submits, gets some swag. Sometimes you just gotta grab some swag by the horns.

Top 5 Submissions

The top 5 submissions, as chosen by the Hasura team, will gain access to 6 months of Hasura Cloud Standard, worth $600.

Again, as determined by the Hasura team, we will give an extra prize each for the most creative, most unique, and most popular all-around submission.

$300 Amazon Gift Card
(If you win and Amazon is not available where you live, let us know!)

What does a submission look like?

There’s a number of ways to submit to the contest, and we want to make it possible for everyone to join in!

All Submissions need:

Required: Describe your favorite tip/trick about app development with Hasura up to 140 characters or less than 2 minutes in video length. If you can Tweet it, it’s valid!

Required: Publicly accessible URL where the content can be viewed.
Could be a Tweet, blog post, TikTok, etc. See Below.

Bonus Points: Record a quick video and add it to the submission for bonus points.

Submitting via Twitter

Throw in the hashtag #HasuraTipsAndTricks

Submitting via Discord

Submit in the channel #hasura-tips-and-tricks

Submitting via Blog, Youtube Channel, or other Social platform

Notify us through either DM on Twitter, Discord, or E-Mail where to find your post!

What does an example tip look like?

What should it be about?

Anything that would teach users about the unique way that you are using Hasura! Either in the console, a unique IDE tool, a cool database feature exposed in Hasura, etc.

What should it not be about?

  • Anything that does not relate to using Hasura.
  • Anything that negatively names another company, person, or group of people.

We can’t wait to see what you all share with us!

We want you to win! 🚀

We can’t wait to see what you come up with and what you have to offer the community as a whole.

Like making content for the community? Did you know we pay cash for technical articles? Maybe make a tip and turn it into a post!

22 Oct, 2021
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