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Building Brave Care using Hasura: A case study of a YC backed healthcare startup

Brave Care, a YC backed healthcare startup that provides primary, urgent & remote care for kids, recently raised $10M. Asa Miller, CTO & Co-founder, speaks about how Hasura helped them build & scale rapidly.
31 May, 2021
Case Study

Case Study: YCombinator Startup Athlane Uses Hasura Cloud to Increase Their Developer Velocity 200%

Athlane, an alumnus of YCombinator 2019, provides esports athletes and gamers a marketing, analytics, and e-commerce platform. Utilizing Hasura Cloud and GraphQL,they were able to quickly scale and enable their team of five developers to quickly build the leading platform in the space.
Hasura Cloud
24 May, 2021
Case Study

Case Study: How Pulley Cut Development Time by 50% with Hasura

Hasura helped Pulley cut development time by 50% by auto-generating and securing GraphQL for over 50 database tables
GraphQL EnginePostgres
18 May, 2021
Case Study

Case Study: How Startup Pipe Went From Prototype to Production In 11 Days With Hasura

In just one year Pipe has experienced amazing success accomplishing this with just 11 engineers. Helping fuel this efficiency was Pipe’s decision to make Hasura an essential part of their technical architecture, which has provided tangible benefits to their dev processes and their bottom line.
05 May, 2021

BBVA uses GraphQL and Hasura to build an open source security product

The BBVA team saw significant reduction in build time, app extensibility and documentation requirements thanks to the adoption of Hasura and GraphQL
Case StudyEnterprise
22 July, 2019

How KintoHub uses GraphQL and Hasura to power their real-time API infrastructure

KintoHub, a cloud-native PaaS provider, powers their real-time API infrastructure using GraphQL and Hasura.
Case StudyKintoHub
11 July, 2019
GraphQL Engine

Case Study: Credimi

How a Fintech startup uses Hasura as a high performance read layer over their existing database.
Case Study
12 April, 2019
Case Study

Case Study: Cynthesize

A community app focused on supporting people building products
11 April, 2019
Case Study

How ProPublica Illinois built The Ticket Trap

How GraphQL, Hasura, Gatsby and JAMstack helped ProPublica Illinois build The Ticket Trap.
11 April, 2019
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