Announcing Distributed Tracing for Datadog and Azure Monitor

Distributed tracing for GraphQL apps on Hasura

As serverless technologies and microservice architectures continue to expand, tracing information is vital to understand the entire request-response lifecycle to ensure a stable and performant experience for your users. Today we are excited to announce that we have added distributed tracing to both our Datadog and Azure Monitor integrations!

The quick take

Distributed tracing is available on both Hasura Cloud and Hasura EE. Hasura Cloud provides the low-ops benefit of exposing this as a configuration primitive on the project Dashboard.

The tracing format is output will vary based on integration, with Datadog and Azure both specifying their own telemetry format. Open Telemetry is coming in a future release.

Telemetry built-in

One of the core benefits of using Hasura Cloud and Hasura EE is the low/no-ops support needed to get access to telemetry data out-of-the-box. In the following two videos, Jeremy Jacobson shows how to quickly add telemetry data from Hasura into both of these integrations.

Give this new integration a try and let us know what you think! With these newest integrations, it’s never been faster to get full observability on a production-ready GraphQL endpoint.

New to Hasura Cloud? Signup for a free account and try these new features in minutes! Hasura Cloud is the fastest way to a GraphQL API. Now with tracing.

18 Apr, 2022


18 Apr, 2022
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