Announcing Hasura v2.1.0-beta.1

We are excited to announce the first beta release of v2.1 series with v2.1.0-beta.1.

This release largely focuses on making custom business logic more and more flexible with new features around Hasura Actions / Event Triggers and Remote Schema name spacing. And on top of that, we are prepping up for adding support to mutations in Microsoft SQL Server.

Highlights in this release

Webhook transforms for Actions and Event Triggers: Webhook transforms allow you to arbitrarily customize the Hasura request to your endpoint thereby making it super simple to integrate your existing API or 3rd party service with Actions or Event Triggers.

Actions enhancements: We’ve added a bunch of upgrades to Hasura Actions such as ignoring extra fields in the webhook response and the ability to return extensions key for detailed errors.

Customize your Remote Schemas: You can now customize your remote schema in Hasura by adding a suffix/prefix, a namespace or individually changing the names to prevent conflicts with other schema objects

Preparation for MSSQL mutations and generalized joins: This release also includes internal changes which will support MSSQL mutations and general joins in the upcoming release. Read more about Hasura's support for Microsoft SQL Server.

Performance fixes to handle large db schemas: These performance fixes make the console function smoothly when working with large database schemas.

Optimize SQL query generation with LIMITs: A significant performance improvement in query execution when using LIMIT clauses has been added

Bug Fixes

This release also contains a few bug fixes across the server and console.

  • Fix custom-check based permissions for MSSQL - Issue #7429.
  • Fix explicit null values not allowed in nested object relationship inserts - Issue  #7484.
  • Fix a bug in replace_metadata API which allowed inconsistent objects to persist despite setting allow_inconsistent_object config to false.
  • Fix cross-schema array relationship suggestions on the console.

If you are curious on the other improvements and fixes, check out the full changelog for this release.

Try it out

Please use the docker target hasura/graphql-engine:v2.1.0-beta.1, try it out, let us know what works and what needs improvement. You can find us on Twitter (@HasuraHQ) and in Github. For ad-hoc conversation, feel free to join us on the Hasura Community Discord.

And, if you want to get started now with the latest stable release, check out the deployment simplicity of Hasura Cloud.

26 Oct, 2021
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