Getting Started with Hasura, Netlify, and the Jamstack

Front-end and full-stack developers today need to balance any number of microservices, APIs, and continuous deployment requirements. Tools like Hasura and Netlify handle these requirements from back-to-front, helping you rapidly build production-ready applications that will scale and be simple to maintain.

For a quick introduction to Hasura, here’s a great video from the community on Fireship.io

Hasura + Netlify Resources

For more information on getting started with Hasura and Netlify, here’s a curated list of content to get you started. We can’t wait to see what you will build!

Getting Started with Hasura documentation

Official documentation will always be the most up-to-date reference for any product. Find the latest getting started information here.

Getting started with Hasura – Learn course!

Our recently updated course on Hasura is an excellent place to get started and start your journey towards being a Hasura power user! Visit the Hasura course.

Create a custom auth flow with Hasura and Netlify

Here's a helpful guide on creating a custom auth flow from Netlify into Hasura for authenticated API access. Check out the Hasura + Netlify demo here.

Watch Tanmai demo Hasura on “Learn with Jason”

If you don’t already know the “Learn with Jason” channel, you are in for a treat. Hear about Hasura from one of the founders, Tanmai Gopal in this fun and informative video.

Learn how to do rapid prototyping in Hasura

Another resource for building with Hasura in less than 15 minutes. You can watch the contained video here.

It’s dangerous to go alone, take this framework

Hasura has a number of helpful boilerplate frameworks for starting your project quickly. See the whole list of starter projects here!

Curious to know more about the Jamstack? We’ve written some more things about the Jamstack here.

Let us know what you built in our community discord!

02 Dec, 2021
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