GraphQL Asia - Announcing First Round of Speakers

GraphQL Asia is the largest gathering of GraphQL enthusiasts across Asia...and, now, it is online.


On the 24th and 25th of February, the third edition of GraphQL Asia is occurring. It has, and remains, deeply important to the Hasura team to ensure that there is a regional conference discussing the successes, challenges, and providing education material about GraphQL in Asia.

To make good on our vision, we are having several talks this year in multiple Asian languages. It is, as of today, somewhat unclear how we will handle live translation to English. But, the only benefit of an online event is that most talks are pre-recorded. And, as such, there is flexibility.

It is not just about GraphQL adoption.
It is about expanding the community in Asia.
In the languages that countries in Asia speak.

(As an aside, there is already a channel in our community Discord for Japanese speakers. Please feel free to join us.)

The 2021 edition of GraphQL Asia is proving to be very exciting. We have, today, announced 4 talks:

The State of GraphQL
Tanmai Gopal, Hasura
Dan Schafer, Facebook

Evolution of GraphQL@Tokopedia with increase in Scale
Aditi Singh, Tokopedia

Building high performing applications using GraphQL for heterogeneous system
Sunitha N, SAP

GraphQL Error Handling Done Right
Kewei Qu, Facebook

In addition, we have listed 3 Workshops:

Server-side Authentication in GraphQL
Roy Derks, Vanderbron

GraphQL on SQL Server with Hasura

Introduction to Hasura

There have been enough CFP submissions to support a week long event. So the event team is hard at work sorting through all of the submissions. Expect a steady stream of updates over the upcoming weeks.

If we can’t meet in person, at least we can ensure that the best possible content is highlighted at the event. Registrations are open and we look forward to seeing you there.

Our #GraphQLJanuary continues with blog posts, live streams, Discord Q&A, office hours, and more. For a schedule of upcoming events, join the community or register at https://hasura.io/graphql/graphql-january/.

13 Jan, 2021
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