GraphQL Asia - Announcing Second Round of Speakers

Asia’s largest gathering of GraphQL enthusiasts is going online for its third edition on 24th & 25th Feb 2021. Tickets are free! You can register here.

The first round of speakers was announced last week, you can read more about them here. Today, we added 2 more in-depth workshops and 11 more fantastic speakers to our line up.


GraphQL in the Jamstack
Tamas Piros, Cloudinary

Type-safe GraphQL apps with TypeScript
Aaron Powell, Microsoft


Monorepo development using Hasura role and GraphQL Code Generator
Yudai Shinnoki, WASD Inc.

Intelligent Caching with GraphQL Gateway using CDC
Roshan Alexander, Pratilipi

Connect your enterprise to Cloud with Hasura and Apache Kafka
Wojciech Trocki, Red Hat

GraphQL: Wrong Answers Only!
Peter Piekarczyk, Draftbit

Reintroducing Schema Stitching in 2021
Greg MacWilliam, Vox Media

Data Science with Weaviate and GraphQL
Laura Ham, SeMI Technologies

GraphQL & Microservices - the different approaches & challenges
Toan Nguyen, Hasura

Adopting GraphQL in a legacy NodeJS API
Pranay Kalro, Tesco

A Tale of Inherited Projects and why we kept Hasura
Brooke Swanson, Outpace

You can read more about the talks -- and the incredible speakers giving them -- over at the GraphQL Asia homepage.

21 Jan, 2021
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