Hasura Product Updates: August Round-up

We just wrapped up our August monthly community call, and ICYMI, here is all of the product updates & launches for you!

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  1. graphql-ws
  2. Computed fields supported on remote schema joins:
  3. Caching on Hasura Cloud free tier:
  4. VPC Peering on Hasura Cloud
  5. Self-signed HTTPS Webhooks
  6. Remote Schema Customisations


graphql-ws is a new protocol for GraphQL subscriptions aiming to become the de facto standard for GraphQL. This has been a highly upvoted issue on our github repo and we’ve finally merged this! It is now available to you on Hasura CE, Cloud & EE. Here are the docs to get started.

Here's an overview:

Computed fields supported on remote schema joins:

Last month we announced enhancements to our computed fields feature: support for where and order clauses in the GraphQL query and in permissions, and also in join conditions for remote schema relationships. Computed fields are now also supported in remote schema joins.

Here's the video once more for how they work in action.

GitHub Integration Upgrades on Hasura Cloud:
This is a feature we launched last month and we've been working very closely with our early access users! Quick recap: with the new GitHub Integration, you can now deploy your local migrations to staging and production by a simple git push.

This integration is now available to everyone on Hasura Cloud!

We have some upgrades we’ve made in the UX for better error handling and the migration status tab to check the history of migrations applied on the database. These are the docs to try this out on your Hasura Cloud project.

Here's the summary video:

Caching on Hasura Cloud free tier:

We have now enabled caching on the free tier on Hasura Cloud. You can cache authenticated data as well as cache any existing remote GraphQL API by adding it as a remote schema. Here are the docs to get started with caching.

Here's a feature overview of caching with Hasura.

VPC Peering on Hasura Cloud

Several of our users have requested for a dedicated VPC and we wanted to make this workflow easier to access! You can request for a dedicated Hasura VPC to connect to your own VPCs from the Hasura Cloud dashboard.

Self-signed HTTPS Webhooks

Sometimes, you may have HTTPS endpoints (actions, event triggers, etc) connected to Hasura which are secured via self-signed TLS certificate and could throw an invalid CA error. You can now add custom domains to Hasura metadata to allow using webhooks with self-signed TLS certificates. We have also added support for insecure TLS allowlist.

Here are the docs to help you get started.

Here's the video sneak peak if you missed the community call.

Remote Schema Customisations

We recently added support for customising the way graphql-engine exposes the GraphQL API of a remote schema - namespacing the root fields, prefixing and suffixing types.

You can find the demos from the community call in the recording on YouTube. Apart from these, we also went over handling complex authorization patterns beyond role-based permissions, and discussed the parameterized query spec.

Join us for the next community call on the 30th of September for more updates & discussions with our product & engineering teams!

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08 Sep, 2021
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