"Planet scale" workloads ? with Hasura

Hasura fits well with Postgres, Postgres vendors and the larger Postgres open-source ecosystem.

In this post, we list some specific Hasura + Postgres combinations meant designed to scale out your workloads:

Planet-scale, geo-replicated Postgres: YugaByte + Hasura

Earlier this month, YugaByte announced support for Hasura. Instant, realtime GraphQL in a few seconds on a massively scalable database!

Time-series workloads with Timescale & Hasura

Timescale is a Postgres flavour that makes dealing with time-series workloads easy. It supports massive ingestion rates and some neat Postgres functions that make it easy to work with time-series data.

Hasura is a perfect pair and allows users to leverage the power of Timescale’s custom time-series aggregation functions. Build secure realtime IoT dashboards to applications that scale, easily!

Serverless with Aurora & Hasura

Hasura works instantly with AWS Aurora Postgres and provides a neat way to add custom business logic in serverless functions with remote schemas, event-triggers (so that you can trigger serverless functions on database changes) and actions.

Here’s a full-fledged reference stack for Hasura on AWS, including using AWS Lambda for your business logic in serverless functions! https://github.com/hasura/hasura-aws-stack

In addition to above, Hasura works well with all major Postgres vendor offerings (Azure Postgres, GCP Cloud SQL, Heroku Postgres), including your own self-hosted Postgres of course.

We’ve also added native support for Postgres extensions like PostGIS to make geo-location querying easy!

If you have questions about your favourite Postgres distribution or extensions hit us up on our discord or our github!

30 Oct, 2019
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