Speak at a conference or meetup about Hasura. We’ll help!

TL;DR If you’re speaking at a conference or a meetup about Hasura, we can help you prep, send you swag to give away, and also help with the logistics  Reach out to us by filling up this form.

A lot of our users have been giving talks about Hasura at meetups and conferences around the world. Some of them have reached out to us for assistance, and we thought it would be a good idea to compile all the ways we can help in one place.

So here are all the ways in which we can pitch in with your talk,if you would like us to, ofcourse :)

Submitting your talk idea, the CFP Process

We’d be happy to give you feedback on your talk proposal. Fill up the google form below and tell us about your abstract or proposal, and we can give you some pointers and tips. Our engineers have spoken at several meetups and conferences around the world, and we’ll try to make sure one of them sends you relevant feedback.

Resources to help you prepare

Once your talk has been accepted, we can help with some slides , speaker notes and videos from previous talks that can help you prepare.

We can also schedule calls with someone in our developer relations team if you would like to practise.


We’d love to ship you some special speaker swag as well as stickers to give away. This usually takes 2-3 weeks, so this will depend on the time we have before the talk!

Publicizing your talk

We’d be happy to help spread the word via social media, our newsletter and by posting the event on our page.


If your proposal has been accepted at a conference, and you need travel assistance, let us know the details in the form below, and we can help.

How you can reach out

If you would like us to help in any of the ways mentioned above (or in some other way that we have not mentioned), just fill the google form here and we’ll get back to you

Some of the other engagements that you can reach out to us about:

  1. Starting a Hasura User Group in your city
  2. Giving a Hasura workshop
  3. Sponsoring a GraphQL meetup
  4. Paid writing opportunities via out Technical Writer Program

If you have any other ideas, do reach out to us at [email protected]


07 Feb, 2020
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