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Azure Active Directory Integration with Hasura JWT Claims Mapping

The power of customisation is that Hasura, and our authn/authz capabilities, can support a wide variety of providers and implementations. Take, for example, the process of integrating Azure Active Directory with Hasura.
25 March, 2021
GraphQL Security

How to secure GraphQL APIs with Hasura Cloud

In this post, we will look at how to secure GraphQL APIs with various defense mechanisms available in Hasura Cloud. Without the right protections, you are opening up your application network to malicious attacks and potentially exposing data in some cases.
02 December, 2020

Add 5 login methods to your Hasura app in 5 minutes with OneGraph’s AuthGuardian

AuthGuardian by OneGraph is live on Product Hunt today, check it out
01 July, 2020

Authorization rules for a multi-tenant system - Google cloud platform

In this post we will be looking at implementing authorization of a hierarchical role based access control system in a multi tenant setup.
Multi Tenant
21 April, 2020

Hasura Authorization System through Examples

Authorization systems are about rules like, “Can user U perform action A [on resource R]?”. In this post, we implement real-world authorization rules using Hasura's JSON-based DSL.
16 March, 2020

Common access control patterns with Hasura GraphQL Engine

In this post, we will look at some access control patterns that can be used with Hasura to granularly allow/restrict the data
23 May, 2019

Add Authentication and Authorization to Next.js 8 Serverless Apps using JWT and GraphQL

Learn how to add authentication to Next.js 8 Serverless App using a JWT server and add authorization by setting permissions using Hasura GraphQL Engine.
04 April, 2019

Add Authentication and Authorization to Vue.js Apps with Auth0 and GraphQL

Add authentication to Vue.js app with Auth0. Authorization using JWT and Hasura GraphQL permissions. A sample Vue.js app protected by login to fetch articles written by logged in user.
01 April, 2019
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