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How Hasura scales to 1 million active GraphQL subscriptions (live queries)

A look at the architecture that lets Hasura scale to 1 million active GraphQL subscriptions (live queries).
17 July, 2019

Using GraphQL to join data across Google Places API and Postgres to build location based apps

Use Hasura Remote Joins to join geography data from PostGIS extension in your Postgres database with Google Places API in GraphQL.
PostGISGoogle Places API
12 July, 2019

How KintoHub uses GraphQL and Hasura to power their real-time API infrastructure

KintoHub, a cloud-native PaaS provider, powers their real-time API infrastructure using GraphQL and Hasura.
Case StudyKintoHub
11 July, 2019

GraphQL Contributor Days is back - join us for our frontend frameworks edition!

GraphQL Contributor Days is back. This edition will focus on the front end! The event will be live streamed on 8th Aug August 9am PST.
Contributor DaysCommunity
10 July, 2019

Why Rapid Tender chose GraphQL and Hasura to build a real-time, collaborative tender-response app

The story behind Rapid Tender's adoption of GraphQL and why they chose Hasura to implement it.
EnterpriseEnterprise Software
25 June, 2019

Building a WhatsApp Clone with GraphQL, React Hooks and TypeScript

Build a Clone of WhatsApp using Hasura GraphQL, React with Hooks, Typescript and GraphQL Code Generator.
WhatsAppReact Hooks
28 May, 2019

Common access control patterns with Hasura GraphQL Engine

In this post, we will look at some access control patterns that can be used with Hasura to granularly allow/restrict the data
23 May, 2019

Build and Deploy Realtime Svelte 3 Apps Using GraphQL

Build a Realtime Svelte.js 3 App using GraphQL (svelte-apollo and Hasura) and Deploy on Now 2.0 Platform. Instant setup/sample-app ? svelte-apollo
23 May, 2019

Triggering Serverless Zeit Now on Postgres Events with Hasura

Build a 3factor app with Hasura’s instant realtime GraphQL and leverage serverless deployments of Now 2.0 for deploying GraphQL APIs and webhooks.
21 May, 2019

Case Study: ARTEMIS

ARTEMIS uses Hasura to implement a real-time GUI to fetch data from a Postgres database.
02 May, 2019

Case Study: Delicious Simplicity

A boutique design & development company uses Hasura, Gatsby and JAMstack to build out a blazing fast static site.
GatsbyJSDev Agency
24 April, 2019

GraphQL Contributor Days - Enterprise Edition!

A special edition of GraphQL Contributor Days focused on the challenges, nuances and benefits of adopting GraphQL inside an Enterprise organization. Happening on 15th May 2019.
23 April, 2019
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