Top Serverless PostgreSQL Providers

Postgres (or PostgreSQL) is open-source, free, and one of the most popular relational databases. As a result, there's a lot of community tooling built on top of Postgres, or that's fully compatible with the Postgres spec, which allows for advanced features, unique use cases, and scaling.

This post will show some of the top serverless Postgres database providers. The providers are in no particular order. If you know other providers that could be added to the article, feel free to mention @HasuraHQ on Twitter, and we will try to add them.


Neon offers a fully-managed serverless Postgres service. Their aim is to separate storage from compute, which results in benefits such as auto-scaling, branching, and bottomless storage.

That enables you to do things such as scaling CPU and I/O resources independently, running multiple compute Postgres instances without having multiple data copies, or quickly starting and shutting down your instance.

Neon has both paid and free tiers. The free tier comes with the following:

  • 10GB project size
  • 1 vCPU and 256MB of RAM
  • 3 Postgres databases

Get started with Hasura and Neon here.

We recently launched the native Neon Integration inside Hasura Cloud. Read more

Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora is another fully-managed serverless database service that is compatible with Postgres. Aurora claims to offer 3X more throughput than the base PostgreSQL.

It comes with low latency read replicas, automated backups that enable point-in-time recovery, automatic software patching, and in-depth metrics.

Amazon Aurora has both free and paid tiers, with the free tier offering the following:

  • 20GB storage
  • 750 hours of compute time
  • 20GB of storage for backups and DB snapshots

Get started with Hasura and Amazon Aurora here.


Crunchy gives you a high-availability Postgres database with their Crunchy Postgres solution.

Crunchy Postgres comes with disaster recovery, auto-scaling to tens of thousands of connections, comprehensive monitoring, high availability, and automatic failover.

Get started with Hasura and CrunchyDB here.


Citus extends and transforms the base PostgreSQL into a distributed database. You get the power of distributed tables on top of the powerful Postgres capabilities.

Citus comes with features such as parallelism, which allows you to speed up queries by 20x to 300x. You can also distribute data and queries by adding more nodes as you grow. Citus Postgres is an open-source project, which means that you can download and run it for free.

Get started with Hasura and CitusDB here.


Bit.io claims to be the fastest way to get a serverless Postgres database. It allows you to get a database in 1 click.

Bit.io Postgres offers automatic scaling to match your usage, high availability, and security features such as TLS/SSL and disk encryption.

It has a paid and a free tier too. The free tier includes the following:

  • 3 Postgres databases with 3GB storage each and 1 billion rows queries

Get started with Bit.io here.

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15 Nov, 2022


15 Nov, 2022
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