Try Hasura Enterprise Edition Free for 30 Days

Ever looked at your favorite product and thought, “I’d love to try these super cool advanced features!” only to find out that you’d need to first talk to a sales representative to even get to them? Fret not, we’ve been there too, fellow developers. We know that for us, it’s all about experiencing that product value before we know we can commit to a sales conversation.

Sticking to our developer-first ethos here at Hasura, in this blog post, we introduce to you the Hasura Enterprise Edition trial. So grab your latest Hasura instance, signup, and get rolling with all the enterprise features we offer at your convenience free for 30 days, no credit card required. It’s literally that simple. (PS. our team is on standby for when you need help, so we got your back)

Hasura Enterprise Edition Free Trial
Hasura Enterprise Edition Free Trial

What’s included in the Hasura Enterprise Edition?

In addition to everything that’s loved about Hasura in the Community Edition, Hasura Enterprise Edition has a host of upgraded capabilities, including security, observability, and performance enhancements, along with support for every enterprise database.


  • Support for instant GraphQL APIs on databases like Snowflake, Amazon Athena, MySQL and Oracle
  • Security features like API Limiting, multiple Admin and JWT secrets, role based allow lists to conform to your organization’s security requirements
  • Performance features like caching and read replicas to provide the best experience to your API consumers/ end usersObservability features like Prometheus metrics and OpenTelemetry traces to ensure the reliability of your Hasura-based applications, allowing you to monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot issues in production

Read more about our Enterprise features here.

Getting started with the Enterprise Edition Trial

With the Enterprise Edition trial, you can now try all Hasura features yourself and completely free for 30 days. Just follow this quick start guide, to get started in under a minute. Here’s a detailed guide.

Step 1: Run Hasura/ Update your Hasura instance to the latest version

Enterprise Edition Trial is supported starting version v2.23.0 onwards. Spin up your instance and open the Hasura Console.

Step 2: Register for Enterprise Edition Trial

Click on the Enterprise button on the top right and fill out some basic information.

Activate your Trial License
Activate your Trial License
30 day trial of Hasura Enterprise has been activated
30 day trial of Hasura Enterprise has been activated

Step 3: Restart your instance and explore Hasura Enterprise Edition!

Just restart your instance and you should now be able to try all the Hasura Enterprise Edition features.

Click the EE button in the top right to look into all the Enterprise Edition features that you could try.

Benefits of Hasura Enterprise Edition
Benefits of Hasura Enterprise Edition

Having trouble getting started? Please refer to our FAQs.

Ready to purchase an Enterprise Edition plan? Meet with a Hasura expert.

18 Apr, 2023
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