Updates to Hasura Pricing and Plans

We’re updating our pricing and plans to better align with the value that customers get from Hasura, as well as give customers more flexibility and cost predictability when scaling their usage. This is the first major change to our pricing model since our founding and one we are making after extensive thought. I wanted to share the motivation behind this update, as well as outline the changes, timeline, and rollout plans.

Before we get into the details, we would like to clearly state that all existing users – on both free and paid subscriptions – can continue to run their current projects at the legacy pricing and entitlements.

How Hasura has Evolved

We founded Hasura in 2017 with a simple idea – to give developers a radically simpler and faster way to unlock their data via APIs. This simple idea evolved into one of the fastest-growing open source GraphQL projects that now powers billions of API requests per day. Hasura is enabling thousands of organizations to bring their ideas to market faster by dramatically simplifying the data access and delivery piece.

Over the last five years, we have made massive improvements to the product, such as: enabling event-based architectures with subscriptions and event triggers, powering advanced federation scenarios via joins across heterogeneous sources, and bringing instant GraphQL magic to more databases including SQL Server, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, CockroachDB, Google AlloyDB, and many more.

We are updating our pricing plans to better reflect the value of these product innovations and ensure we keep investing in Hasura to continually create an exceptional experience for every user. We are also moving to a usage-based pricing model that gives customers more flexibility to get started with Hasura and more cost predictability as they scale usage.

This is a significant change to our model and one we are not making lightly. Over the last several months, we have surveyed hundreds of our customers and studied the broader market to better understand the Hasura price-value calculus. We have also reviewed and iterated on these new plans and feel confident about their design and ability to better serve the needs of our customers.

However, we recognize changes like these are never easy and welcome your feedback as we roll out these adjustments. You can reach out to our team via the Contact Us page or connect with us on our Discord (use the #general channel).

What’s Changing?

Full details for the new plans can be found on our pricing page, but here’s a quick summary of what’s changing.

  • We are deprecating the current $99/month Standard plan on Hasura Cloud and introducing a new Professional plan with usage-based pricing starting at $1.50/hour.
  • We are updating some of the usage limits and features in our plans to better align with each plan’s objectives:
    • Free/Community plans for early exploration and learning
    • Professional plan for low-scale production APIs
    • Enterprise plans for high-scale and mission-critical workloads
  • We will continue to offer a generous Free plan on Hasura Cloud but are tweaking what’s included to correspond with its intended goal as a frictionless plan to get started, learn, and evaluate Hasura. For example, we are removing the single region limit in the Free plan and allowing users to deploy their free Hasura projects on any available cloud region.

How Does This Impact Customers?

Hasura Cloud Free and Standard Plan Users

For existing Hasura Cloud users, your current Free and Standard projects remain unimpacted – you’ll continue to run your existing projects indefinitely at the legacy pricing and entitlements until you decide to upgrade your project to a new plan.

The new plans will be visible in your account in the next few weeks as we gradually roll them out to all users. Once the new plans are rolled out in the product, all new Free plan projects will automatically be created with the new free entitlements. However, until April 30, 2023, existing Hasura Cloud users will have the option to create and upgrade new paid projects to either the old Standard plan or the new Professional plan. After April 30, 2023, you will only be able to create new paid projects using one of our new pricing plans.

Updated Feb 2, 2023: Based on feedback from the community, we have decided to forever grandfather in existing Hasura Cloud users to the legacy Standard plan for both existing and new projects. Any Hasura Cloud user that signed up on or before Jan 31, 2023 can keep their existing projects and continue creating new projects on the legacy Standard plan.  

Legacy Free and Standard plans will not be available to new users signing up for Hasura Cloud once these changes take effect later this month.

Enterprise Plan Customers

Existing customers on annual Enterprise plans across Hasura Cloud and self-hosted deployments are not impacted by this change right now. Your account team will discuss the new pricing options with you at contract renewal. Feel free to reach out to your account team if you have any questions before that.

If you are a new user evaluating our Enterprise plans, please reach out to our sales team via [email protected] or our website to learn more about our new usage-based pricing.

Self-Hosted Community Plan Users

Our self-hosted Community plan will remain open source and free to download. However, going forward, we will be deprecating support for databases that are primarily designed for enterprise use cases, including: Google BigQuery, Amazon Athena, Snowflake, and Microsoft SQL Server, as well as advanced PostgreSQL connectors such as Azure Cosmos DB/Citus and CockroachDB. The plumbing to add support for these databases using GraphQL Data Connector is already available in the Community plan, which will allow anyone to build connectors to any data source from Hasura.

We will continue to contribute critical bug fixes to these connectors, but we will not be adding new features or enhancements to these databases in the self-hosted Community plan. New features for these databases will be available in Hasura Cloud as well as self-hosted Enterprise plans.

We are committed to our mission of enabling teams to unlock their data via data APIs. We will continue investing in product features to bring the Hasura magic to more databases and use cases. We believe these pricing changes allow us to double down on our commitment to serve our customers and community as they deserve.

If you have questions or feedback, we encourage you to connect with us via the Contact Us page or on Discord (use the #general channel).

02 Feb, 2023
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