Response Limiting

Once you have configured API limits, you also have the luxury of limiting the number of rows returned, plus access to aggregation queries.

Let's say you have a rate limit of 100 req/min. But what if each request fetches data worth thousands of rows from the database? It would result in a bottleneck to the database.

We can restrict how much data can be accessed in a single request through response limits. You can configure this at the role-based permission layer.

In our slack model example, if we want to restrict channel_thread to return only a maximum of 100 rows at any point in time, then we can configure that using Limit in permissions as follows:

Head to the channel_thread table and the Permissions tab on the Hasura Console.

Channel thread response limit

Under Row Select Permissions, configure the Limit to be 100 or any desired value.

By default, aggregation queries are disabled. You need to enable them under role permissions explicitly. As a result, data like count are not exposed easily to the user making the request.

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