Course Introduction

This course is a great tutorial that carefully tailors Hasura to implement multiplayer features in Unity.

This course shows how to build the multiplayer features of Shooter Arena, which is an ideal demo of what is possible with Hasura and Unity.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • GraphQL queries, mutations, subscriptions
  • Using GraphQL with Unity
  • Online matchmaking
  • Cross platform real-time online gameplay
  • Authentication with Hasura
  • Dynamic Leaderboard

What will we be building?

We will be building a cross platform multiplayer realtime first person shooter game.


Play Shooter Arena to see what we'll be building. Download the apps from:

Google PlayStore:

Apple AppStore:

You can also download a Windows version of the app from:

The rules of Shooter Arena are simple.

  • There are two roles in each battle, Shooter and Defender.
  • The Shooter goes first and has to shoot some targets as fast as possible. These targets turn red.
  • The Shooter's turn ends when they run out of bullets.
  • The Defender goes next and has to deactivate all the targets the Shooter shot. These targets are red at the start of the Defender's turn and change to green when shot.
  • The Defender's turn ends when he runs out of time or out of bullets.
  • The time the Shooter uses in their turn is the time the Defender has for their turn, plus 5 seconds.
  • The Defender wins if they successfully deactivate all the targets the Shooter shot. Else, the Shooter wins.

Will this course teach Unity concepts as well?

No, most of the Unity-centric parts of the game have already been built within the boilerplate version of the app.

We will be focused mainly on integrating multiplayer features to the game by utilising Hasura's GraphQL engine.

What do I need to take this tutorial?

You will need to have Unity. Ideally, version 2019 and upward.

How long will this tutorial take?

2 hours

Prerequisite knowledge/skills

  • Beginner level understanding of Unity
  • Ability to build a realtime GraphQL backend with Hasura

Courses to gain prerequisite knowledge

Unity: Intro to Unity

Backend: Building a realtime GraphQL backend with Hasura in 30 mins (ideal for frontend, backend or fullstack developers)

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