Realtime Gameplay Overview

Since we have succeeded in matchmaking players, our next step is to implement the actual competitive realtime gameplay between them.

The game mechanics of spawning targets, shooting, raycasting and all of that have already been implemented in the boilerplate version of the app We would be solely focused on making it a realtime two-player competitive game where the actions of one player affects the other player.

If you've played Shooter Arena, the multiplayer gameplay would be apparent. If you haven't, here's how it goes.

The rules of Shooter Arena are simple.

  • There are two roles in each battle, Shooter and Defender.
  • The Shooter goes first and has to shoot some targets as fast as possible. These targets turn red.
  • The Shooter's turn ends when they run out of bullets.
  • The Defender goes next and has to deactivate all the targets the Shooter shot. These targets are red at the start of the Defender's turn and change to green when shot.
  • The Defender's turn ends when he runs out of time or out of bullets.
  • The time the Shooter uses in their turn is the time the Defender has for their turn, plus 5 seconds.
  • The Defender wins if they successfully deactivate all the targets the Shooter shot. Else, the Shooter wins.

To make this as realtime as possible, as the Shooter shoots targets, they automatically turn red on the Defender's game.

Also, when the Defender deactivates targets, they turn green on the Shooter's game.

We shall be passing information about the battle between two players using subscriptions. Both players are subscribed to a battle in the database and as they play the game, they make changes to the battle and receive the changes made immediately.

Below is a small diagram explaining the flow.

Realtime flow

Let's get into it!

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