Deploy Hasura

Let's start by deploying Hasura.

One-click deployment on Hasura Cloud

The fastest way to try out Hasura is via Hasura Cloud. Hasura Cloud gives you a scalable, highly available, globally distributed, fully managed, secure GraphQL API as a service!

Click on the following button to create a new project on Hasura Cloud:

Note: It is free to signup and no credit-card is required.

Once you register and sign in, you should see the following welcome screen:

Hasura Cloud Welcome Page

Hasura requires a Postgres database to start with. We can make use of Heroku's free Postgres database tier to set this up.

Click on Try a free database with Heroku button. After logging in to Heroku, Hasura Cloud will perform the following for you:

  • Create an app on Heroku
  • Install Postgres Add-on
  • Fetch database URL that you can use to configure Hasura

Hasura Cloud Heroku Configuration

Once the database URL is fetched, you can click on Create Project button to deploy an instance of Hasura. Once the project is created, it might take a few seconds to initialise.

Hasura Console

Once the project is initialised, we can open the Hasura Console to get started.

Hasura Cloud Project Page

  • Open the Hasura console

    Click on the Launch Console button to open the console.

It should look something like this:

Hasura Console

Great! You have now deployed Hasura and have the admin console ready to get started!


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