Matchmake Logic

Alright! We've written fancy functions in GameData.cs and now it's time to utilize them.

Go to MenuManager.cs in Assets/_Game/Scripts/Managers/MenuManager.cs

This script contains the logic that contains the menu system of the game.

We would be adding two functions to it.

#region Matchmaking
public async void StartBattle(){
ActivateLoading("Searching for worthy opponents");
previousScreen = titleScreen;
await gameData.DeleteOldBattles();
List<GameData.Battles> online = await gameData.GetOnlineBattles();
private async void MatchMake(List<GameData.Battles> availableBattles){
if (availableBattles.Count == 0){
gameData.user.role = Data.User.Role.SHOOTER;
GameData.Battles createdBattle = await gameData.CreateBattle();
battleId = createdBattle.returning[0].id;
gameData.user.role = Data.User.Role.DEFENDER;
GameData.Battles updatedBattles = await gameData.UpdateBattle(availableBattles[0].id);
battleId = updatedBattles.returning[0].id;

void MatchMake

This function takes in a list of Battles. This list is gotten by calling gameData.GetOnlineBattles() which returns a list of open battles.

If the list is empty, it means there are no open battles and a new Battle is created with gameData.CreateBattle(). The role of the user is also set to Shooter

Else, if there are open battles, it selects the first one and joins. To join a battle, our function gameData.UpdateBattle(int battleId) is called and the appropriate id supplied.

Remember, this simply changes the defender_id of our battle from null to an id.

void StartBattle

This is a public function that we would be assigning to a button on the menu to actually start a battle.

Set StartBattle function

Now open the menuScene which can be found in Assets/_Game/Scene/menuScene.

In the Hierarchy, go to the Quick gameobject in MainMenu/Title/Quick

Quick gameObject

Go to the inspector and scroll down to the TargetButton component. There are Event Listeners there.

Add a new listener to the OnReleased(), drag the MainMenu object and select StartBattle


And that's it, we've set up matchmaking!

Test it out. Build the game.

On both devices click Quick Play and see as they are paired with one another.

Quick Play

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