Hasura Community Year in Review - 2021

We are about to turn the corner on another year, and this author is closing in on a year here at Hasura, and to say it’s been a busy year for the community would be an understatement and a half. As one user recently reflected, and I can attest, the amount of content that exists in and around the Hasura community as a whole is impressive! Whether it’s submitting questions or tutorials, speaking at one of our conferences, or one of our community calls, your contributions have supported and shaped the future of what Hasura is – and for that, we say thank you!

Let’s have a look at some of the milestones we’ve hit this last year from the community overall.

10k users on Discord!

First of all, wow! What an amazing metric to end the year on! Discord has been our evolving platform where we communicate with the community, and where you all can communicate with each other. We love seeing users helping users, and you can expect to see us throwing even more weight at Discord this coming year as we seek to make this “the place” to hang out with Hasura. Next 10k, here we come!

400 Million Downloads

Let’s repeat that number one time. 400 Million downloads. Whether this is a self-hosted container or a migration path to the cloud, that’s a lot of downloads! No product can grow and learn without active users, and, well, 400 Million touch-points looks pretty active. Look for even more refined onboarding paths to Hasura in the coming months.

100+ Open source contributors

Every question, comment, and concern contributes to shaping Hasura and we appreciate, see, and make decisions from all of your feedback. We also want to highlight those contributors digging into the codebase and submitting PRs and RFCs, your dedication to the product, and your desire to solve problems in the true spirit of Open Source speaks volumes. Look to see a much-improved response time and transparency in the coming months, as well. Do know we see them all, and appreciate your feedback very much!

Great new Stories

This year saw the launch of Community Stories at Hasura, where we highlight community members doing new and interesting things with Hasura. Whether it’s a company solving intricate problems with multi-tenant auth patterns, or a scrappy team re-platforming their entire commerce stack in four weeks, these are the wins and learns for you and by you. Have a great story to share? Let us know!

Tips & Tricks Contest

We launched our first Tips and Tricks contest and got to see the many creative ways you work with Hasura, the tooling you’ve built around your Hasura workflow, and the interesting abilities you’ve surfaced that we didn’t even know about! We're working out the last details with our swag shipping partner, so for all our participants, look forward to a fresh email in your inbox in January, where winners will also be notified!

HasuraCon'21 - Online User Conference

We had the 2nd edition of our user conference in June. It was a virtual conference this year as well. There were product announcements, technical sessions, workshops, deep dives, discussion rooms and speakers from Bit, Crunchy Data, Current Desk, GitLab, Magic, Pipe, RedMonk, Taller, The Washington Post, Timescale, Vercel and YugaByte.

Community Calls Turned 2 years

We entered into year two of community calls, our once-a-month call highlighting the happenings in product, community, and the surrounding ecosystem. If you haven’t joined a community call yet, we’d love to see you in January 2022! You can sign up here.

Big Plans for 2022

Whether we’ve seen you at one of our weekly office hours calls, around Discord, in the comments of a PR, or simply a reply on Twitter, we’ve enjoyed getting to interact with you over the last year and are looking forward to another great year of learning, growing, and making with all of you. Look forward to more physical interaction with Hasura the brand, more events, more transparency, and of course, more features!

Have a great end of the year and we’ll see you on the other side!

23 Dec, 2021


23 Dec, 2021
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