Learn GraphQL and Build Apps with Hasura in #HasuraHackathon

Learn GraphQL, build apps with Hasura and win cool prizes in this March Hackathon organized in collaboration with Hashnode.

You can read more about the prizes and important dates here, but here's the summary.

There are 5 grand prizes worth $1000 each with goodies and 10 runner up prizes worth $500 each with goodies. Hackathon starts on March 1, 2022 and ends on March 31, 2022. You can join at any point as long as you are able to submit your app before the deadline.

Begin your journey with GraphQL Basics

If you are completely new to GraphQL, we recommend taking our Introduction to GraphQL course. This will get you from Zero to GraphQL in less than an hour.

The key to learning GraphQL is to understand that it is just a query language and popular implementations on the client and server leverage existing JSON standards for requests and responses over HTTP.

Once you are familiar with this concept, it will become easier to grok the benefits of GraphQL. The Intro to GraphQL tutorial covers some fundamental concepts like

Setup the backend with Hasura

Once you have understood what GraphQL is and the core concepts around it, you can progress to the easiest step in the journey. i.e Setting up a GraphQL API with Hasura.

We have put together a concise tutorial for Hasura Basics to create a production ready GraphQL API from scratch without writing much code. You will be able to use the power of database, set up Authorization rules for security and write custom business logic code specific to a realtime use case.

Once you go over this Hands-on tutorial, which should take about ~30 mins to an hour, you will be able to start integrating the GraphQL API with any frontend app.

Integrate GraphQL backend with frontend

Once you are familiar with GraphQL and setting up a backend with Hasura, you can start trying out the real power of GraphQL in the frontend app. In this frontend series, you will learn how modern GraphQL client side tooling can be integrated with a GraphQL backend like Hasura.

There are tutorials available in most popular frontend frameworks and mobile first languages.

Ideas for Hackathon

Apart from what Hashnode has listed on the evaluation criteria, we recommend a few ideas for the Hasura GraphQL use case that you can experiment with. Apps you build can potentially have any of the following

  • Backend Clones of popular apps (eg. Twitter, Instagram, Clubhouse)
  • A nice use case for Authorization (app that uses permission rules for data access)
  • Realtimes apps using the power of Hasura's GraphQL subscriptions. (we have a few examples)
  • REST Connectors (and potentially a data hub integration/contribution)

Join Hasura Discord for Support

If you have any queries about using Hasura during the Hackathon, you can join our Discord channel dedicated for the hackathon. It could also give you ideas for building the app for the hackathon.

02 Mar, 2022
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