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Row Level Security with Postgres (via Hasura AuthZ)

This blog covers the basics of Postgres row-level security and the Hasura way of solving these permission rules.
PostgreSQLGraphQL Security
02 December, 2022

A tutorial for using Firebase to add authentication and authorization to a realtime Hasura app

A step by step tutorial for using Firebase to add authentication and authorization to a realtime Hasura app with a React Frontend.
07 September, 2022

Implementing Authorization for Organization-based, Team-based, or Tenant-based Apps in Hasura

This blog post outlines how to model a common organization-based permission system in Hasura.
GraphQLGuides And Tutorials
21 October, 2021

Implementing a Google Drive Style Hierarchical Authorization System in Hasura

A guide to implementing a hierarchical, role-based ACL system pattern similar to Google Drive, with individual permission overrides and permission inheritance.
06 October, 2021

How to Build a Simple, Secure Social Media Site with Magic and Hasura

Learn how to build a simple yet secure social media site where you can share photos of your kitties and see other people's kitten galleries! Uses Magic Auth and Hasura GraphQL
16 August, 2021

GraphQL Authorization with Hasura: How to prevent mutations after a time interval

A guide on how to use PostgreSQL Triggers and Column Comparison operators in Hasura to prevent users from updating rows after a time interval.
04 August, 2021
Case Study

Case Study: Industrial IoT Platform Machine Metrics Increased Developer Velocity by 10x Using Hasura

Machine Metrics started exploring Hasura to build their GraphQL powered data access layer. The result? Fast, reliable, secure data APIs which also enabled their teams to increase developer productivity by almost 10x!
14 July, 2021

Building Applications with CloudFlare Workers and Hasura GraphQL Engine

Today, we explore using Cloudflare Workers to implement JWT auth and role-based content access to a relational database.
12 May, 2021

Cascading permissions with inherited roles in Hasura

Instead of replicating functionality across multiple role definitions, define each of those abilities in a descriptive way that can then be combined across multiple users.
Inherited Roles
01 April, 2021
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