Data Federation

Data Federation enables a unified data layer for all your data and a federated way to execute requests on it. All you need to do is point your data sources to Hasura and a unified GraphQL API is created automatically.

Remote Schemas

Remote Schema Joins

Remote schema joins provides the most simple approach to federated data. Provide a GraphQL endpoint, identify the connection parameters, and give the new field a name and you have two disparate data sources from different systems resolving under a single API.
Jesse Martin
Jesse Martin
19 April, 2021

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Data Federation in GraphQL using Hasura Remote Joins and Gatsby Source Plugins

We will look at how to use Gatsby Source Plugins as a Remote Schema source and federate data using Hasura Remote Joins for a unified data model and GraphQL API
Praveen Durairaju
Praveen Durairaju
01 September, 2020
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