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GraphQL Operation Time Limit in Hasura Cloud

Hasura Cloud added a security feature where you can timeout a GraphQL operation if it is taking more than configured time. We will look into more detail with example in this post.
Hasura CloudGraphQL Security
06 January, 2022
GraphQL Security

Announcement: Hasura Cloud Achieves SOC2 Type 2 Certification

Hasura Cloud is now SOC 2 Type 2 certified, enabling more companies to place their critical workloads on Hasura Cloud and have the best of both enterprise security and first-class developer experience.
21 September, 2021
GraphQL Security

GraphQL API Security with Hasura Cloud

Hasura Cloud is a fully managed, globally available, auto scaling version of Hasura that also includes features specifically designed to make it easier for you to run Hasura in production. These features range from the addition of monitoring [https://hasura.io/graphql/monitoring/]/analytics features for increased observability to built-in caching [https://hasura.io/graphql/caching/] for improved performance, to a suite of security features that help you safeguard your production Hasura applica
Hasura CloudBest Practices
28 July, 2021

The Hasura Community Call Roundup - May 2021

The Hasura Community Call is a monthly event hosted on the last Thursdays of the month at 9 AM PT. In this post, we summarise the content from the last event.
Inherited RolesBig Query
02 June, 2021
GraphQL Security

GraphQL and Government Technology

Not surprisingly, the question of GraphQL in government -- or highly regulated -- spaces is a topic that is broached somewhat regularly. Of course, no post about regulated industries (finance, banking, healthcare, public-sector, etc) is complete without a consideration of security and compliance.
GraphQL AsiaCompliance
12 April, 2021

OWASP, SAMM and Hasura

This document will outline Hasura’s security-first approach to running our own services, the security tooling we provide that allows our customers to pursue OWASP compliance and our commitment to achieving high marks according to the SAMM maturity model.
SammGraphQL Security
26 March, 2021
GraphQL Security

How to secure GraphQL APIs with Hasura Cloud

In this post, we will look at how to secure GraphQL APIs with various defense mechanisms available in Hasura Cloud. Without the right protections, you are opening up your application network to malicious attacks and potentially exposing data in some cases.
02 December, 2020
Hasura Cloud

GraphQL in Production with Hasura Cloud

In this post, we will look at various aspects of taking a GraphQL API to production and how Hasura helps you through the process seamlessly with it's advanced security and production ready features.
Production Ready GraphQLGraphQL Performance
24 September, 2020
The fastest way to get started with Hasura is to try out one of our many online tutorials. It’s free!
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