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Introducing the Open-Source Hasura Data Dictionary

The Hasura Data Dictionary is an open-source project to make it easy to understand your database relationships, GraphQL schemas, and create complex GraphQL queries.
24 November, 2020

Optimizing your GraphQL API with Postgres

This post shows how to optimize your GraphQL API using some of Postgres' most popular features. These will help with data validations, data representation and performance enhancement.
08 October, 2020

Hasura Joins Hacktoberfest: 3rd year in a row!

Hasura joins Hacktoberfest 3rd year in a row to celebrate open-source with the community and encourage contributions.
24 September, 2020

Turn your Go REST API to GraphQL using Hasura Actions

In this post, we will look at using Hasura Actions to convert your Go REST API to GraphQL.
03 September, 2020

A REST View of GraphQL

In this article we will understand what REST & GraphQL are and the trade offs involved in using one or the other.
07 July, 2020

A deep-dive into Relay, the friendly & opinionated GraphQL client

A comprehensive guide to building performant, type-safe apps with Relay, from GraphQL fragments and query best practices, to the Relay compiler and the server spec.
GraphQLApollo Client
28 May, 2020
GraphQL Errors

Nulls in GraphQL: Cheatsheet

What nulls mean in GraphQL queries and responses, pros and cons of nullability, and different approaches to error handling by Apollo and Relay.
14 May, 2020
GraphQL Contributor Days

Announcing GraphQL Fireside Chats: A Special Series of Online Events

A series of live streamed panel discussions between prominent members from the GraphQL community. Join them as they discuss key topics in the GraphQL ecosystem.
07 April, 2020

Fetch your GraphQL data automagically: Building a movie app with Hasura & gqless

gqless, a next-generation GraphQL client inspired by Relay & Apollo Client, uses ES6 Proxies to know when properties are accessed, and convert the paths into GraphQL queries. In this video, Sam and Sez build a movie app together, using gqless and Hasura.
19 March, 2020

Five years of GraphQL 🎉

2020 will mark five years since GraphQL was released [https://engineering.fb.com/core-data/graphql-a-data-query-language/]! To celebrate, we asked some of the usual suspects 😎 in the community, including Lee Byron, co-creator of GraphQL [https://hasura.io/graphql/], to reflect on their journey, and where GraphQL is headed next. Takeaways * GraphQL is more than just a tool: it changes how teams communicate. It empowers developers to request for the data they want, reducing their depen
12 March, 2020

Hasura FAQ: What are the best practices? (Part 1)

Have you been wondering about best practices with Hasura? Here’s a quick rundown of some of our recent FAQ’s.
06 March, 2020

Level up your serverless game with a GraphQL data-as-a-service layer

In this post, we talk about data access challenges with serverless, a shift in our thinking that provides an awesome solution to these challenges, and how Hasura fits into all of this awesomeness.
18 February, 2020
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