Enterprise-grade GraphQL Authorization

Learn how to connect your auth systems to Hasura and how to implement any kind of authorization: rules, roles, tags, hierarchies, attribute based systems!
Authorization is a pivotal part of the business logic that enforces certain regulations on who can access the data provided by the applications and APIs that we build. The concept of authorization remains fairly similar across our architectural choices, whether REST or GraphQL. However, when it comes to GraphQL, Enterprise use-cases call for authorization models that generate a subset of our GraphQL schema which is subsequently made available depending on the regulations we enforce.
In this workshop, you will learn the basic concepts of authorization and dive deeper into the various methods of developing authorization models for enterprise-grade GraphQL applications with Hasura.
Tanmai Gopal, co-founder & CEO of Hasura, gives us a brief overview of various authorization concepts, authorization in GraphQL, and Hasura’s approach to authorization.
Tiru, Product Manager at Hasura, will be taking you through a set of demos to learn how to integrate Hasura to your auth systems and explore different ways to implement permission systems in Hasura: ABAC, RBAC, AWS & GCP IBM & more!
Workshop Conducted on: 18 June 2020
Duration: 2 hours