Hasura Cloud is the best way to get started and scale, unless circumstances drive the need for self-hosting.

Need deployment options for self-hosted
Have strict rules on SaaS tools or lengthy security reviews

Hasura Cloud

Fully managed, secure, and scalable

Hasura Cloud is a re-engineered version of the popular open source Hasura GraphQL Engine that gives you scalable, highly available, globally distributed, secure APIs over your data sources.

With Hasura Cloud, you get a powerful suite of features that take care of all the performance, security, and reliability requirements of your production-ready API layer.

The Hasura Cloud Advantage

Focus on building your apps rather than managing infrastructure.
Scalable Performance

Scales up or down on demand with no need for manual configuration or maintenance.

Highly Available

Eliminate downtime in real time with options for automatic backups and disaster recovery.

No DevOps

Deploy faster with a user-friendly interface, automatic updates, and hassle-free management of resources.

Cost Effective

Hasura Cloud is your workhorse, removing layers of manual maintenance, resulting in significant cost savings.

Hasura Community Edition

Our forever-free open source option to spin up an instance and explore what’s possible with Hasura.

2024 Edition

The GraphQL Handbook

A GraphQL Handbook for developers and architects to help plan your GraphQL adoption journey.
The GraphQL Handbook

Build the most impactful data platform with Hasura DDN today.