Announcing The Hasura Contributor Program

Community is core to the identity of Hasura.

Our team is bigger than just our employees. Whether you are joining an event, getting the newsletter, writing code, answering questions, or otherwise, you are welcome here. And, today, we are pleased to announce a programme to recognise your contributions to Hasura!

The Hasura Contributor program was created to acknowledge, recognise, and publicly demonstrate appreciation for the work of our contributors. Contribution takes many forms. It can be code contributions, speaking engagements, coordinating meetups, answering difficult (and easy) questions in our community channels, creating tutorials, translating our content into regional languages, and more.

A subset of contributors will receive the special recognition of ‘Hasura Champion’. Each Hasura Champion brings a unique voice, perspective, and set of capabilities to the community.

Let us know what you are working on!

What Do Current Champions Have To Say?

We have quietly been running the Contributors Program for quite some time now. In particular if you participate in Discord you have seen a number of users with the ‘Champion’ role. These are some of our most active, and most helpful, community contributors.

Perhaps the best way to contextualise the programme is to share the perspective of a Champion directly:

The Hasura community is an incredible mix of technical mastery, curiosity and innovation. The combination of a visionary technical breakthrough in data at the center and the pioneering spirit of makers and hackers shaping the future of platform design is a truly special, and an incredibly potent combination.
- Ben Ford, Founder, Commando Development

How do I Participate?

Tell us what you are up to! Show us how you are helping to tell the story of Hasura!

The Hasura team actively monitors our GitHub, Discord, Discussions, Social channels, etc. and we do our best to identify those who are actively contributing to the Hasura community. However, time zones are a reality and we have a discrete number of humans. And, as a result, we may have missed you!

Where do I Participate?

So...where do you begin engaging and interacting with the Hasura community?

Discord - A real-time, synchronous relationship building chat with other Hasura users including quick discussions, watercooler, and language specific (japanese, spanish, etc) chat.
GH Discussions - Need to troubleshoot, initiate a long-form technical discussion, show off your work, or interact with our engineering team? This is where to start.
Hasura Community Newsletter - Hasura community & product highlights once monthly. It isn’t spam, or a marketing list, we promise. We highlight Community members monthly, so do let us know what you want to show-off.
Hasura Community Call - A monthly ‘what’s on the roadmap’, early feature demos, and product updates from our engineering team. Having our Champions share their projects on each Community Call is a desire. Let us know what you want to demonstrate for the broader community.

And, of course, in your social platform of choice

But, most importantly, we want to enable you to tell the story of Hasura in your own community. Whether a meetup, a company brown-bag lunch, a speaking engagement at an event, a deep engagement in language (or regional) specific tooling...your contributions matter!


No programme would be complete without a view to the future.

Some of the ideas we have discussed include:

  • A gallery of recognised Hasura Champions on the website
  • Hasura sponsorship of Champion organised events
  • Support, and feedback, from the Hasura team for content creation (tutorials, live streams, speaking engagements, etc)
  • Special recognition, discounts, etc. at Hasura events
  • A Champion specific meeting with the Hasura team

What other things should we be including? Do reach out and let us know. We will shape the present, and future, of this program together as a community.

Diversity Statement

Our commitment is a diverse and welcoming Contributor Programme for everyone, always.

We are committed to participants and Hasura Champions from diverse backgrounds, multiple geographic regions, and underrepresented groups in technology. For more information, or if you have any questions, reach us at [email protected].

25 Jun, 2021
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