GraphQL & Microservices with Hasura

Hasura provides a simple way to bring the power of GraphQL to your microservices architecture.

Hasura can connect to databases, upstream “mid-tier” microservices, external SaaS APIs and event-driven business logic to expose a unified GraphQL API to your consumers.

Hasura is a GraphQL engine that takes in metadata configuration at runtime and allows developers to dynamically map upstream data-models and API resources into an interconnected graph.

Unified GraphQL API across services

Hasura also provides a way to create custom GraphQL mutations which are internally converted to events and delivered to microservices (or serverless functions) in an event-driven way. This makes it possible to integrate and migrate to event-driven business logic seamlessly.

Event-driven business logic with Hasura & GraphQL

Decoupled microservice teams

Workflows for microservice teams are not affected and microservice teams can remain independent and don’t have to coordinate with each other.

Hasura addresses challenges around dynamically building a stable GraphQL API & performance.

Read more about how to add microservices to Hasura with Remote Schemas and how you can use the upcoming Remote Joins feature to join across them!

Event-driven business logic for fault-tolerance and scalability

Hasura is designed to integrate with the emerging cloud-native patterns for building services. The future of business logic workflows in APIs or serverless functions is going to be event driven, and Hasura makes that easy.

Read more about the upcoming Actions feature and how you can try it out!


Hasura provides an authorisation engine that allows for securing the unified GraphQL API, including a powerful role, attribute and rule based access control. Additionally, Hasura provides a way to “mask” portions of the schema for different end-user roles making it easy to configure different levels of schema visibility for your unified GraphQL API.

Talk to us!

Over the coming months, we are adding key capabilities to the Hasura GraphQL engine. We'd love to chat with you to share preview builds, talk to you about our roadmap and understand what challenges you're facing with GraphQL and microservices.

30 Oct, 2019
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