Introducing One Click Deploy to Hasura Cloud

Today, we are happy to introduce One Click Deploy to Hasura Cloud, helping all our users quickly create, share and explore a new project on Hasura Cloud from a sample app. Existing Hasura developers can now share their backends quickly for anyone else to try out.

As a new user to Hasura (or GraphQL), you will be able to explore GraphQL backends quickly. The example backends will feature a range of use cases from database schemas with sample models and apps, external GraphQL APIs that can be connected to Hasura via Remote Schemas, external REST APIs that can be added to Hasura via Action Transforms and more.

Try it out

We have created sample projects you can deploy to Hasura Cloud to try this out quickly.

How does it work?

When you click a Deploy to Hasura Cloud button, you will be taken to the Hasura Cloud dashboard, where a new project is automatically created for you and the migrations, metadata and seeds are applied from the GitHub repo of the sample app connected to the button.

You can dynamically enter any environment variables required to run the Hasura project. This way, you avoid cloning a Git repo, setting up Hasura CLI and applying the Hasura deploy command pointing to a Hasura Cloud project.

Hasura CLI is used extensively by users running Hasura in a production environment. A CLI-generated Hasura project is at the core of collaboration between various teams within an organisation, migrating from local development -> staging -> production, among many other workflows.

Extending the power of Hasura CLI, every publicly available Hasura project generated by the CLI is now a sample app that can be deployed as a Hasura Cloud project.

Discovering examples and sample apps

We have launched the Hasura Hub page, where you can now browse a list of sample apps that can be deployed quickly using the Deploy to Hasura Cloud button workflow.

Browse through a curated list of sample apps and example projects to deploy using one click
Browse through a curated list of sample apps and example projects to deploy using one click

Want to contribute to this list? Feel free to submit your sample Hasura project here and we will get back to you.

Creating your own one-click to deploy app

An example Deploy button that can be used to embed inside your Hasura project repos.

If you have an existing Hasura CLI project on GitHub, it can be instantly deployed to Hasura Cloud. You will have to just format the URL to point to your project and Hasura will take care of applying migrations and metadata automatically.


Replace the github repo, path to Hasura directory and the branch appropriately.

Docs and resources

08 Feb, 2023
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