Announcing our $100M Series C funding

Tanmai Gopal, February 22 2022

I’m excited to announce our financing of $100M led by Greenoaks along with the participation of Lightspeed’s growth arm, Vertex, Nexus, and Strive!

We’ve been careful while building Hasura to make sure that we’re building a sustainable OSS project and a business around it. From project market fit, to product market fit, to scaling GTM and company ops.

Last year was a year of keeping our heads down and building out the foundation of our GTM, which was critical to establishing the long-term foundation of Hasura Inc. While we still have a long way to go, we drove ~4x growth, with ~10x growth on our managed cloud service. It was an incredible year, and with the support of our users and customers, our team delivered massively on building something extremely challenging - delivering on a managed cloud service and on an on premise enterprise product.

We’re excited to double down on all the work we’ve been doing, and continue working alongside partners who share our vision to build a lasting infrastructure company for developers in the next decade and beyond.
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We’ve worked with our users and customers to add business value via the applications and APIs they build, and to extract value from even their existing data rapidly, using Postgres and recently SQL Server & Big Query. We’ve also always been guided by the community in our roadmap and these conversations, suggestions, contributions (and frustrations!) have been our compass in navigating the jungle and/or turbulent ocean that is the landscape of a startup creating a New Kind Of Thing.

Ergo, going forward, our growth strategy is really quite simple:

Catalyze Hasura being everywhere, and keep solving for what our users want and need.

We’re building the product and the company that enables our community to:

  1. Take Hasura to all the places they wish they had a powerful and lovable data API.
  2. Further enhance and solve for emerging use-cases, when they’re already using Hasura.

Areas of work


  • We will enable the community to extend and expand Hasura to the data sources and the use-cases they see.

    • In particular, there is incredible prior work here done in the Postgres (and the broader database) ecosystem with things like Postgres extensions (FDWs!), and UDFs in Postgres that we’ve been taking inspiration from. Watch out for some major announcements at Hasura Con this year, to see what we’ve been up to!
  • We will accelerate our ability to respond to what our community wants and needs.

  • We will invest (contributor time and financial support) in open-source projects that we depend on and that are adjacent to Hasura.

  • We will continue to invest in educational resources to help the community learn and get productive with GraphQL and Hasura.

Join us for HasuraCon in June 2022! It’s virtual, and free for all to attend!

Product & Engineering:

We will increase velocity - continuing to serve critical enterprise-grade workloads while innovating at the speed our users and customers need us to

  • We’re now publishing a new minor release every two weeks to get the latest improvements to the community quickly.
  • At the same time we’re prioritizing the time needed to respond to issues, feature ideas, and pull requests on each development team.
  • In particular, we’re investing in engineering effort that will allow us to provide a stable continuous release channel to our users on Hasura Cloud so that they can opt-in to benefit from the latest and greatest in Hasura, immediately!
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Customer Success:

We will accelerate the growth of our customer success organization.

  • Hasura is a powerful and critical portion of your stack and it's not a responsibility we take lightly.
  • As Hasura usage expands within our customers and as new enterprises rapidly onboard themselves on to Hasura, our customer success & support organization has been critical and will continue to play a critical role.

Sales and Marketing

Over the last year, we have onboarded some of the world's largest enterprises and fastest growing startups as customers, thanks to the efforts of our sales and marketing teams. We will continue making significant investments in our go to market teams so we can accelerate this effort - a crucial part of building a sustainable organization.

What exciting stuff are we up to?

But some of this sounds like regular old boring company building stuff. What’s the exciting product stuff we’re working on, you ask? 🤓

  1. Firstly, there’s a tonne of exciting stuff you’ve already asked for that’s been in our backlog, so expect these to be getting released incrementally and quickly this year!

  2. MOAR databases, and a way for you as a user and contributor to easily contribute to and extend the Hasura GraphQL Engine project (yes, without Haskell!) and get all the features of Hasura you like, on your favorite source of data:

    • A lot of OSS projects and businesses built on OSS, often go the route of “OSS is for marketing” and “time to change the license now” and that doesn’t bode well for anyone.
    • For an OSS project and a company built on it to survive into the future it is critical that the users and contributors are able to contribute to, extend and own parts of the OSS project they know and love, so that they can guide the project into the ever-changing future.
  3. Hasura Cloud Edge: Enhancing edge delivery and features around caching & security. Our aim on Hasura Cloud is to make sure that you never need to think about caching or security for a GraphQL based data API ever. You shouldn’t need to figure out how to set it up, and you shouldn’t need to figure out how it works.

And yes, we’re hiring!

A few of us got together and started Hasura because we knew something drastic had to be done to help more people solve problems they knew existed and wanted to solve. There’s a lot to do and there isn’t enough time. But the good thing is that there’s enough people in the world who’re ready to build the things that need to exist. Today, Hasura is enabling mission-critical applications in data-driven journalism, tele-heath, electric car companies, modern manufacturing and logistics, space technology and more.

Enabling developers, teams and businesses to build towards the future they’re imagining, is for us, some of the best work we can devote our time to.

If this speaks to you, and you want to join a small team of people helping do big things, come join us and check out our open roles at: https://hasura.io/careers

Hasura Careers
22 Feb, 2022
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