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How Hasura Makes Learning Code Easier - Ali Spittel @HasuraCon'20

Ali Spittel explains how using Hasura makes learning and teaching code super easy!
04 May, 2021
New Relic

Introducing Hasura Monitoring with New Relic

Introducing Hasura monitoring with New Relic as the latest APM integration. Read more about getting started with New Relic today.
ObservabilityHasura Cloud
02 April, 2021
Hasura Cloud

Hasura 2.0 Video Series

Today we are beginning a new series of videos covering Hasura 2.0, the new features, some updated features, and long standing features that were often overlooked.
15 March, 2021
Hasura Cloud

Introspections and Ideas on Caching GraphQL

We're starting a series to research and provide overviews of the many ways in which different caching technologies and approaches can be used for GraphQL.
17 February, 2021

Announcement: Hasura Cloud Achieves SOC2 Type 1 and HIPAA Compliance Certifications

Hasura Cloud has reached a new milestone by achieving SOC2 Type 1 and HIPAA compliance certifications by an independent auditor.
Hasura Cloud
15 December, 2020
Hasura Cloud

Announcement: Hasura Cloud Available In 8 Regions

Today we have added 3 new regions where you can deploy your Hasura Cloud projects: London, Montreal, and Sydney.
03 December, 2020

Introducing Hasura Monitoring with DataDog

We’re excited to announce that you can monitor your Hasura projects with Datadog. Available for Hasura Cloud’s Standard Plan and with Hasura Enterprise for on-prem or private cloud deployment, this feature lets you send operation logs to your organization's Datadog dashboard.
MonitoringHasura Cloud
23 November, 2020

Use Hasura Cloud In 5 Regions

We’re excited to announce that you can now deploy your Hasura Cloud projects to different geographies. Based on your feedback these regions are now available: Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Europe (Frankfurt), US East (Ohio), and US West (Northern California).
Hasura Cloud
05 November, 2020
Hasura Cloud

Hasura Design Philosophy

In this post, I’m going to talk about the product vision of Hasura, our technical design philosophy, how Hasura compares to other technologies in the landscape and finally some FAQs about Hasura.
Data Access
28 October, 2020
Hasura Cloud

GraphQL in Production with Hasura Cloud

In this post, we will look at various aspects of taking a GraphQL API to production and how Hasura helps you through the process seamlessly with it's advanced security and production ready features.
Production Ready GraphQLGraphQL Performance
24 September, 2020

Announcing Hasura Cloud: Managed GraphQL for your database and services

I’m delighted to announce the public beta of Hasura cloud! You don’t think about the number of instances, cores, memory, concurrent users, high-availability, realtime monitoring, caching, tracing, rate-limiting and other things that are infrastructure concerns
Hasura Cloud
22 June, 2020
The fastest way to get started with Hasura is to try out one of our many online tutorials. It’s free!
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