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Using OpenTelemetry Traces to observe your Hasura-powered applications

In this blog post, we’ll talk more about how you can use traces exported in the OpenTelemetry format to the observability tool of your choice from Hasura Cloud and Hasura Enterprise.
23 February, 2023

Best Practices Guide for GraphQL Observability with Hasura [Part 1]

Hasura Cloud and Enterprise come out of the box with logs, tracing, and a bunch of other metrics. We will look at best practices to make use of that data for GraphQL Observability
Hasura Cloud
06 January, 2023
GraphQL Performance

GraphQL Observability with Hasura

When you're trying to diagnose why a particular operation is taking a long time to complete, or just want to better understand what's going on "behind-the-scenes" in your queries, the ability to debug and analyze metrics from your Hasura instance is a critical factor. In this post we'll take a look at how to do this by: * Walking through the tools we have available * Showcasing how to use these tools, with follow-along images and guided descriptions * Discussing "gotchas" and useful tips
29 July, 2021

A guide to integrate Datadog to your Hasura Cloud project

Continuing in our series of adding APM integrations with Hasura Cloud, we offer you this quick guide in adding Datadog in a few simple steps.
08 April, 2021
New Relic

Introducing Hasura Monitoring with New Relic

Introducing Hasura monitoring with New Relic as the latest APM integration. Read more about getting started with New Relic today.
ObservabilityHasura Cloud
02 April, 2021

GraphQL Observability with Hasura GraphQL Engine and Honeycomb

Observability (in software world) means you can answer any questions about what’s happening on the inside of the system just by observing…
27 September, 2018
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