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GraphQL Joins

Join data from a GraphQL API with Database Table using Remote Schema to Database Joins

Remote Schema to Database allows you to join the data coming from the GraphQL API with the existing data from the database.
Remote JoinsRemote Schemas
27 June, 2022
Remote Schemas

Building a GraphQL API with Golang, Postgres, and Hasura

This article will explore building a GraphQL API for a cinema movie catalog using Golang connected to a Postgres database on Hasura. Our API can retrieve a list of movies and add a new movie to the catalog.
25 January, 2022
Remote Schemas

Getting Started with Hot Chocolate .NET GraphQL Server

We’ll be building a GraphQL API backend with Hot Chocolate GraphQL and integrating it to Hasura via Remote Schema.
28 December, 2021
GraphQL Server

Top ways to write a custom GraphQL Server with production ready features

Open source implementations of the GraphQL spec are now available in most popular languages. In this post we will look at the most popular libraries for each language for anyone to get started with and ways to add production ready features like Authorization, Rate Limiting, Caching etc.
GraphQL BackendRemote Schemas
19 October, 2021
Remote Schemas

Remote Schema Joins

Remote schema joins provides the most simple approach to federated data. Provide a GraphQL endpoint, identify the connection parameters, and give the new field a name and you have two disparate data sources from different systems resolving under a single API.
Remote JoinsData Federation
19 April, 2021

How to Setup Authentication with Django Graphene and Hasura GraphQL

In this walkthrough, we're going to go through creating a simple GraphQL authentication service using Django Graphene, meshing it into your Hasura service, and creating a few sample requests.
JWTRemote Schemas
11 February, 2021
GraphQL Backend

Building GraphQL APIs with Deno and Hasura

In this post, we will look at building a GraphQL API backend with Deno and create a unified GraphQL layer with Hasura and Deno to solve custom business logic requirements of the app.
Custom Business LogicRemote Schemas
10 February, 2021

Announcing Hasura 1.4.0.alpha.1

Announcing Hasura 1.4.0.apha1. 1.4 is not a ‘small release’. In fact, the list of features is substantive and incredibly exciting. If you’ve attended a recent Hasura Community Call you may well have seen recent demos of these capabilities.
Remote SchemasMutation
29 January, 2021
Remote Joins

Creating a Data Graph with GraphQL Mesh and Hasura Remote Joins

In this example, we will look at the ability to add an API source that GraphQL Mesh creates as a Remote Schema in Hasura. Going one step further we will try to establish relationships between Hasura's GraphQL API and APIs sourced via GraphQL Mesh.
Remote SchemasGraphQL Mesh
18 December, 2020
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