The ability to monitor, troubleshoot, and debug your Hasura instance is essential

As your app grows and becomes more complex, it’s increasingly difficult to understand how it is used and performs. This is where observability comes in. Observability gauges a system’s internal conditions by looking at its outputs, such as metrics or logs. Observability means you can:

Gain insights into the functionality and health of your systems, collect data, visualize them, and set up alerts for potential problems.
Having distributed tracing provides end-to-end visibility into actual requests and code, helping you improve your application’s performance.
Audit, debug, and analyze logs from all your services, apps, and platforms at scale.
Because Hasura can act as a central gateway for your application stack, we take observability seriously.

Supported integrations with external services

Export metrics, operations log, and tracing of your Hasura project to the following external services.
New Relic
Azure Monitor
Open Telemetry
2024 Edition

The GraphQL Handbook

A GraphQL Handbook for developers and architects to help plan your GraphQL adoption journey.
The GraphQL Handbook

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