Experience Instant API power with Hasura

Go from data to API in mere minutes with a Hasura GraphQL Engine.

Experience Instant API power with Hasura


From your databases to a unified API – in minutes

Run Hasura, locally or in the cloud, and connect it to your new or existing database to instantly get a production-ready GraphQL or REST API.

We support multiple databases for instant API, such as PostgreSQL, SQL Server, BigQuery, Snowflake, MySQL, and Oracle.

Built-in features

Query tables and views with filtering, pagination, joins, pattern search, and more.
Easily insert (with nested data), upsert, update, or delete records in your database.
Instantly get any real-time changes to your data with live query and/or streaming subscription to power your real-time use cases.

Built-in powerful authorization, simplified

Hasura’s built-in fine-grained row-level authorization engine allows you to conveniently specify role-based authorization rules at a model level, and safely expose the API to developers inside or outside your organization.

Built-in powerful authorization, simplified

Blazing-fast GraphQL

GraphQL APIs generated by Hasura are fast across various performance dimensions – latency, concurrency, throughput, and more.

Using query caching, prepared queries, and other architectural optimizations, you are assured highly performant APIs – without any effort.

Blazing-fast GraphQL

More Instant API features at a glance

Instant CRUD APIs

Hasura creates standardized CRUD APIs from your data domain models. Create role based access and controls easily with our advanced permissions layer.

Event triggers and subscriptions

Hasura tracks your underlying data sources so that you get real-time and reactive APIs directly on your domain models without any additional “streaming” infrastructure.

Rapid domain model authoring

Hasura's declarative metadata engine allows you to create simple or complex domain models from underlying physical data models spread across one or more data sources.

GraphQL and REST APIs

Modern applications speak a variety of API protocols. Hasura supports GraphQL and REST APIs, with support for SQL coming soon.

JSON aggregations

Hasura avoids the cartesian product problem while fetching data from the underlying system by performing JSON aggregations in the upstream database itself.

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