Instant REST API for PostgreSQL

Hasura connects to Postgres database and gives Instant REST APIs
Instant REST API for PostgreSQL

Powerful queries out-of-the-box

GET Data (Query)

GET Data (Query)

Query across tables & views with powerful filtering, pagination and pattern search.
POST Data (Query or Insert)

POST Data (Query or Insert)

Insert single or multiple objects. Make upsert operations on conflict to simplify app logic.
PUT Data (Update)

PUT Data (Update)

Update objects based on a condition. Update to Increment/multiply directly.
DELETE Data (Delete)

DELETE Data (Delete)

Delete one object or in bulk based on a condition.
Remove old product tags & insert new tags
Fetch first 5 brands with top 10 products for each

Trigger webhooks on database events

  • tickHasura captures changes to Postgres tables and triggers webhooks
  • tickAtomic capture, reliable delivery, horizontally scalable.

Add to an existing, live postgres database

Add Hasura to any existing postgres database as-is and expose select tables & views over REST.
We took Gitlab CE (a complex rails + postgres application), hosted it on DigitalOcean and added REST to it in just a few minutes. Check out the demo on the left!

Rails like Database migrations for Postgres

  • tickUsing Hasura Console in migration mode, the database migration files are automatically created.
  • tickup/down migrations for going back and forth and reverting changes.

Optimise Postgres performance using explain

Hasura supports Postgres read replicas that can be used automatically to load-balance your REST API queries.
Optimise Postgres

Manage Postgres data with Hasura Console

  • tickHasura comes with a Console admin UI that can be used to manage the database schema and adding/modifying records.
  • tickThe UI can also be used with CLI to manage database migrations automatically.
Manage Postgres

Postgres flavors and extensions that work with Hasura

Join the community!

If you need any help with developing on Hasura, the 6000+ member strong Hasura Discord is here to help. Our community members include some very experienced engineers from some of the world’s most exciting companies, and many of them have been using Hasura in Production for a long time.
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