Instant REST API for SQL Server

Hasura now supports Microsoft SQL Server.

SQL Server’s compatibility with Hasura in the official documentation

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Getting started with SQL Server

Getting up-and-running with Hasura

  • Connect Hasura to your new or existing SQL Server database for an instant REST API in 30 seconds.
  • Get started on Hasura Cloud or download our Docker container.
Hasura SQL Server

Extend your existing SQL Server database

  • Connect your existing SQL Server with modern web and mobile frameworks with a single REST endpoint.
  • Incrementally migrate to Hasura by integrating your existing business logic with Hasura using Actions and Event triggers.
  • Bring in data from other data sources and APIs using Remote Joins.
Hasura SQL Server

Authorization for REST, out-of-the-box

  • Hasura’s built-in RLS style authorization engine allows you to conveniently specify authorization rules at a model level, and safely expose the REST API to developers inside or outside your organization.
  • Replace direct database access with a data API that you can manage easily.
Hasura SQL Server