Notes on Hasura with Postgres

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Hasura is an open-source service that can auto-generate a realtime GraphQL API on your Postgres database.

Hasura works by taking a metadata configuration that specifies data-model to GraphQL schema mapping rules and authorisation security rules.

Hasura generates a secure GraphQL API on top of Postgres that is blazing-fast, scalable and realtime.

Blazing-fast & scalable

Customise & Extend

  • Add custom business logic easily
  • Customise GraphQL schema
  • Change underlying data-models


Accelerating application development

You can give your frontend team realtime access to your new/existing data without building a GraphQL server, writing resolvers and worrying about scalability, performance and security.

A modern data API for other teams & services

Hasura helps you provide a modern data API to internal or external consumers without having to build an API service that maps data models to API models.

This becomes especially useful when the number of objects (tables/views/functions) in your database are in the hundreds or thousands. Hasura helps you skip the time-consuming task of building an API and focus on providing high-quality data securely to your consumers.

Get started in 30 seconds

Hasura runs as a docker container and can run anywhere a docker container can, including: your dev machine, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker, Heroku.

If you want to try Hasura out for free without any installation, we recommend getting started on Heroku's free tier (which comes with a free-tier Postgres as well!).

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About Hasura

Hasura allows you to mobilize & federate your organisation’s data by building a powerful, secure & flexible GraphQL API, that can query data in your databases, HTTP services, serverless functions as well as third party APIs.
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