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Postgres Types Mapped to JavaScript via GraphQL with Hasura

Today I've collected together a number of video shorts, extra details, and information about primary keys, primary key data types, and data types in general. In this post I've included links to mapping from Postgres types to JavaScript types via GraphQL and Hasura.
Data ModellingData Types
27 April, 2021

Adding multiple Postgres databases to Hasura

Another new feature exclusive to the Hasura 2.0 release is support for multiple Postgres database types. In just a few clicks you can add an an extra database, existing or new, track the tables, enable relations, and unlock the power of GraphQL.
Multi Tenant
19 March, 2021

TimescaleDB 2.0 with Hasura Part 3 - High Availability

Performance and High availability are critical challenges in production. Although TimescaleDB solves performance problems, we still need to care about remaining parts. In this article, I suggest some high availability setup for single-node as well as explore multi-node replication solutions.
GraphQL JanuaryDatabase
03 February, 2021

TimescaleDB 2.0 with Hasura Part 2 - Multi-Node

Multi-node is the most interesting feature of version TimescaleDB 2.0 that provides the ability to create a cluster of TimescaleDB instances to scale both reads and writes.
DatabaseGraphQL January
22 January, 2021
GraphQL January

TimescaleDB 2.0 with Hasura

TimescaleDB 2.0 is a major version upgrade that has many improvements from version 1. It introduces new interesting features and capabilities, especially horizontal multi-node scaling. Because it is a PostgreSQL extension, it mostly works well with Hasura.
14 January, 2021

AWS Aurora: Is it for you?

Aurora is the new kid in the block. It leverages AWS’s infrastructure to deliver a 1-click enterprise-grade database system. You’ll have in this post the ins-and-outs of Aurora, whether it works with Hasura (hint: it does), and how to set it up with Hasura Cloud.
06 November, 2020

Evolutionary Database Design, GraphQL, APIs, and Database Schema Migrations

As a recent joiner to the Hasura team, I find myself learning, and exploring, GraphQL through the lens of my prior experience. In this series, I am going to share my point-of-view on Evolutionary Database Design, GraphQL, and schema migrations.
MigrationsSchema Migrations
02 November, 2020

Optimizing your GraphQL API with Postgres

This post shows how to optimize your GraphQL API using some of Postgres' most popular features. These will help with data validations, data representation and performance enhancement.
08 October, 2020

GraphQL and UUID type on Postgres

Hasura GraphQL Engine has implicit support for Postgres UUID type, which means that UUID values can be provided as strings.
17 August, 2018
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